Month: November 2010


I took some time and sat in peacefulness to listen properly to this band called Inland Sea, I really have never heard anything like it before.

First of all I need to inform that this band are the writers of their own music, the instruments used in this band to create and combine their amazing melodies, WoW it is breathtaking and it consist of the Wurlitzer Piano, Violin, Drums and the Acoustic Guitar.
The depth and the meaning of the words in their songs are absolutely incredible and written with such extreme passion as well as love, a passion and love that goes far beyond any shallow human mind. I have never heard more passionate and deep lyrics with music combined with instruments such as the violin, piano and the Acoustic guitar.

Ohh wow, I truly believe that everybody should have a CD of these people, it can be played just for peacefulness to quiet ones spirit, you can play it to get your lover in the mood for a very deep, slow hand and passionate evening, you can play it to your special someone just to show your affection with the lyrics, this music is truly one of a kind and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
 Please do yourself a favour and listen to this amazing band called Inland Sea on
My personal favourites are “Come to me now”, “Heaven is lost” and “The rain words”.

Alora, furthermore, many of the readers questioned my decisions asking “why not have fun?” “why decide on such a long term commitment with a guesthouse?” “Why so committed and loyal to these people, you are 23 years old?”
I do know that in the eyes of the world my physical age will be questioned as well as my interests yet my life experiences has formed me to think and act much more mature than the normal 23 year old.

From a very very young age responsibilities of all kinds were forced onto me, I’ve had to show an unbelievable amount of inner strength, courage, confidence, self dicipline, emotional, mental and spiritual strength, not just for myself but many people who surrounded me while I was still just going to school.
After I left school I was more flapping around like a butterfly, I have done all the things in my teenage years people in their 20s are doing today, in your 20s you want to be free, study, travel, party etc, I’ve done all those things.
I have flapped my little butterfly wings around many times making a forceful positive impact wherever I chose to land at a time, what I found was, was that I was just flapping my wings in search for solid relationships which are honest, true, constructive, reliable, positive prosperous, fun and everlasting. I was looking for solid grounds to root myself in and grow within those grounds.
I wanted stability, a feeling of belonging somewhere where I can fully shine and be the best I can be.
I do not just want to survive for myself anymore, no I want to survive for a family, for people that appreciates all I have to offer and give. I have survived for myself for long time, now I want to survive for those around me too.

I am not a silly girl building castles in the air oh no, what I am saying is what I mean and there is no doubt in my spirit or my heart that I am making the wrong choices or decisions.
My intentions, words and decisions here in Milan has been noting but solid, honest and clear.
Also take note that these are visions, to manifest these visions will take dedication, hard work as well as commitment over a long period of time, like I have written before, Rome was not built in a day.

Have fun listening to the Music on and I wish you all an absolutely beautiful day, make a wish and know it will come true.

Amore Sempre

Inland Sea…….

Ohhh dear today I have directed my intentions to be peaceful and to read as well as write.
I’m sorry the blog is still confusing but oh well I will still re-organise it, just not today, today I just want to write.
I am currently attending at my parle Italiano school an intensive Italian learning coarse, all the Italian grammatica is scattered everywhere around in my mind, it does not have proper storage to make perfect sense but I know my mind well, its constantly busy taking in and re-organising information so I know one morning I will wake up and just speak Italian, things like this normally happens to me. Ohhh and I really adore my school I love learning Italian, speaking Italian is like singing beautiful music.
This past week has been wonderful, Monday morning before I went to school and looking for apartments I first went to Ronchis to say hello and just to let them know that I did not fly away…. Hehehehe, Max was there and then he called Giacomo for something about the restaurant and gave the phone to me to say Ciao, hhehehehehe I just giggled, Giacomo too shame, I hope they were happy I stayed, otherwise I will seem like a very strange person to them, just coming in and start to decorate and smile hahahahaha, yes I am strange I apologise but I tried to be normal once upon a time and it was really difficult for me so I decided to just be me.
WoW I’m so peaceful today, I feel like I have no care on the planet, just relaxed and very content.
Inland Sea’s music are extremely beautiful, the voices and music of this band are incredible,   ohhh wow its intense. The way this band plays music and the lead singer singing the songs reaching every single high note successfully and so smoothly, singing of love and doing it so passionitaly, WoW!!! I absolutely adore the cd and I love the song “come to me now” as well as “The rain words”. Ohhh wow just sit, close your eyes and allow the music to stir the emotion inside of you….. Magical!!!!
I did not know about this band, I did not know about Palbert music uintill a week ago, I heard the song and wanted the CD so I went to the music home to buy the CD and they told me they don’t have it. So I asked Giacomo for a CD and he kept on telling me everyday, “tomorrow night”. Hhahahahahaha.
So when I finally received the CD I was so happy, I loaded it onto my Ipod, my computer and my ebook reader.
I asked Giacomo a bit about the singers, I find the music increadible, so he told me that they are heart surgeons… What??? I was a bit shocked for a moment but ofcoarse I myself am very strange and multi talented so the shock passed very quickly.
If this band can perform open heart surgery like the way they sing, ohhh dear I will never worry if I have heart problems ever.
Please do listen to their music on the website, it is incredible!!! The website is called
Ohh Tuesday that has passed was lovely, I was at Ronchis again in the evening, well I am always there hahaha, alora, ahhh Mirko came in and he had a shock when he saw me, he was still under the impression that I flew away, hahahaha and his voice was gone but he looked happy, ahhh shame.
He is such a gentleman, he asked me if I wanted to taste a type of olive oil and he took bread, poured the olive oil over and brought it to me, I must say it was impressive and it was Amazing oil, salty but not too salty and very smooth on the tongue with a little bit of a metallic twist to it, really really good oil.
He also looked at me the whole night as if  making sure that I am really there, and he looked so handsome.
Giacomo looked upset with me, I felt a bit heartbroken, I do not want them to ever be sad or upset with me, no no.
Giacomo is like a protective big brother seriously and he looks worried about me sometimes he also looks like he has to check that there are no wings that might appear out of my back somewhere and fly away.
Ahhh they are wonderful. I really feel so blessed and fortunate, I love just being close to them, just spending time with them means the world to me and I just love seeing them happy, smiling as well as relaxed. When they are happy I am happy.
Ahhh last night was wonderful, yesterday morning I sms’ed Giacomo and told him that I missed Mirko because I do, he is funny, he has this very strange magnet pull to him, ahh and he is so happy, he is like a teenage boy around me, hahahha its beautiful like he gets so excited and really happy when he is around me, perhaps its just who he is but he is wonderful, I have never met a more joyful, attractive, kind, sweet man in my life and he is so funny, he is such a sweetheart, he is an Archangel, must be, the way he pays attention to me is so incredible his interest in everything that I do its very unbelievable, just being close to him satisfies my spirit.
Really I wish I could share with all of you all these happy feelings inside of me, its so pure so true and wonderful, I do not care much now anymore, I’ve found a peace and happiness in life that even if a world war starts today, I will not be worried at all, Ronchis and everybody in there, Mirko and Giacomo, wow, I just want them to always be happy, my heart will not take it if they are ever sad, no no!!! I am so peaceful because I have true happiness, I know who I am, happy, I know where I am headed, bliss, and I know that when I have only a few moments left on this earth one day, I know where I am headed without a doubt so I am peaceful.
Ohhh dear tonight I met Giacomo’s wife she is absolutely beautiful, where has he been hiding her?  I am so happy.
hehehehe the Shef asked me tonight if Im lesbian well he might ofcoarse I dont have a boyfriend, a husband, im not even looking so I might seem uninterested in men but ohh no, I am most difinitaly a woman and straight, there is no doubt. I just got bored I guess, I want something different,  Ive had too many lovers which became stalkers, I love fully when I love and they could not understand that it was just for the night, the next morning I wanted my space, the fast train incident was though unecpected and very intense, playful and the guy was really attractive, he was persistent and did not take no for an answer I like it when a man takes charge, it shows his character, his drive, his confidence.
I wish you all a beautiful evening…..
Always smile and celebrate life!
Amore Sempre…


After my amusing confession with the priest went and sat in the middle of the church again, thinking what is the purpose of me even being in Milan, I did not understand and everybody I know would kill to be in my shoes yet I was just trying to figure out what the purpose was for me being here.

A little while back I have noticed that everything that has happened in my life,  has happened with a purpose, then as I sat and wondered what my purpose was, I realized that I must not worry about the answer, all I have to do is just be me and it will be alright and that everything will make sense soon. At that time and that moment noting made sense and everything was confusing, nothing still makes sense, I am really just being obedient to my heart that is all. If I am not obedient to my heart I am unhappy and I want to be happy, always.
Alora, so I signed up for a two week standard coarse to learn Italian and I met all my classmates and they all became my new friends. Marte from Norway, Anne from New Zealand, Daniel from Germany and An from Taiwan. Apparently we are the best class they have had forever because we are joyful.
Ohhh dear I was so happy to learn Italian my energy was so alive and ecstatic that I could light up the planet, I was laughing all the time learning and it was just beautiful. School was wonderful it was so much fun and I was really happy learning.
That same night I sat at my usual table and showed Giacomo that I signed up for Italian school, ohhh dear you should have seen his face, he was so happy, he tries to  be serious sometimes, but his eyes gives him away all the time, he is a very good man.
The next day after class Daniel and myself were walking and I asked him if he wanted to come for lunch with me to Ronchi78, hehehehehehe, he said alright, as we entered Giacomo was making his usual “ohhh dear not you again face” and I just laughed joyfully back at him, Daniel was standing there next to me and Giacomo was shocked, he asked Daniel if he was with me and Daniel replied yes because he was with me there having lunch.
Daniel has a girlfriend, he is just a friend of mine, so we lunch and as we left Giacomo gave Daniel a cd while looking at me, it was Inland Sea’s cd, I wondered why he was giving my friend a cd and he never gave me a cd ever? I was a bit sad but happy for Daniel.
The following Thursday Daniel asked me to please meet him and his girlfriend for an apprettivo in Brera, I did not know where Brera was so I went to Ronchis first, I asked Max where Brera was and he told me that It was too far away, he told me that I had to first take the yellow line, then I had to take the green line and I sighed thinking ohhh dear no, I cannot travel that much for an apprettivo and I knew that I would get lost even with my GPS. So I sent Daniel a message to please meet me at Ronchi’s and he accepted the invitation, oh I was so relieved.
Daniel and his girlfriend with her work friend arrived and we had some drinks, Daniel then found it amusing that I was always at Ronchi’s and he started to laugh, well we both started to laugh, he said that they can practically build me a little room in the top corner of the restuarant, hahahahaha he said he could picture me coming out of there just smiling at the guests greeting them and telling them to have fun, hahahahahahaha this vision amused me I then saw myself in my hello kitty pajamas hair messed up with big furry slippers hahahaha it was very funny vision we laughed about it for a couple of minutes…. then suddenly (hold your breath for 3 seconds 1…………2…………..3……………., Alora, exhale please)
…..Suddenly,  I had this vision in my mind, it was beautiful, Ronchis is a Restuarant, a music home and so warm as well as inviting, so I had this vision of Ronchi78 turning into a 5 star Guest House, ohhh dear the feelings that was attached to this vision was unbelievably overwhelmingly satisfying and joyful to me. Ronchis is like family so why not expanding it and making it grow, Just imagine people coming from all over the world to Milan just to be part of the warm and happy atmosphere, excellent wines and cuisine as well as sing live karaoke, listen to live music and have fun then retreat to your room where you can wake up to a beautiful warm, kind and inviting delicious breakfast and then start your day. 
Just imagine making Ronchi78 the heart of Milan, the Guesthouse situated very close to Duomo, Galleria, La Scala as well as my new favorite shopping place that has the view of the Duomo at the top called La Rinascente (ohhh dear its a magical building, I love La Rinascente and I want them all to love me too.)
So I sat there with this vision now stuck in my head feeling very happy but then I got really tired and wanted to go to bed, Daniel and his girlfriend with her friend also felt it best to retreat.
Giacomo was by then most probably confused why this guy he thought was supposed to be my boyfriend was leaving with other women, hahahahaha I tried to explain that he was not my boyfriend but he either didn’t want to understand or he just didn’t understand (giggle).
At this very moment I am very tired as well so I will write again soon.
I wish you all beautiful dreams and a wonderful new week tomorrow….
Amore Sempre

my joyful confession…

I do believe all of you know how passionate I am about the Duomo, ohhh I can never leave the Duomo I miss the Duomo after one day of not seeing it.

One beautiful afternoon  I sat inside the Duomo and I thought that I want to be Catholic, I still want to.
I cannot love the Duomo and not be Catholic, that would be loving half way, no no, so I made a decision to speak to a priest. The only place I could find a priest was in confession so I waited in the confession line. (This happened in the first week in Milan, it happened when one day I got lost and found my way back to the Duomo again, I sighed and entered the church, hoping that the security guards were not the same guards as the days before, obviously I felt like these guards wondered why this smiling girl was always in church, hahahaha. Alora.)

So I peacefully waited in the line of confession for about an hour and 30 minutes, Mama Mia the people that entered confession looked all so heartbroken, so sad, I forgot to remind myself to wear a normal face and not smile, hehehehe, so I waited…… and waited…… waited…… and finally it was my turn.

I then entered and this beautiful old priest was sitting there smiling at me, so I sighed in relief thinking that this could be easy.
I then started to speak but the priest could not speak english and I tried my best to explain to him that I really wanted to join the church, hahahaha, the priest just kept on smiling at me and he had this inner giggle to him while he kept on telling me to pray to Madonna….. Mamma Mia after about my third attempt to explain why I was there, seeing this priest smiling at me and keep on repeating the same thing, I started to joyfully laugh about the situation and he started to laugh at me too. So I was in confession and I joyfully had a laughing, giggling, joyful session with a priest in the Duomo.
As I left I said goodbye to the priest,  thanked him and he nodded with an enormous smile on his face, you should have seen the people outside the confession chamber’s faces, they looked absolutely confused.

After confession, also not being able to communicate in Ronchi78, I realised that it was very important to learn how to speak and write Italian.

I then signed up for a two weeks standard coarse…..

To be continued…

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