Fell from the sky and my birthday…..

I desired to start this blog for one simple reason, that is unconditional love.

About one month ago I could not have dreamed about anything that has been happening in my life, to happen, not for one moment. I am currently in Milano Italia, I have recently decided to reside here forever and a day because my whole heart has been stolen completely, firstly by the Duomo, second by a very warm, loving and absolutely beautiful Restaurant called Ronchi78.

My experiences here in Italy have only been absolutely incredible and yet an adventure aswel.
Life is priceless and absolutely beautiful there is not a day I will allow to pass without gratitude and a smile.

Before I arrived in Milano I had no idea even about the smallest tourist attraction here, I really never had any interest to ever visit Milano, my understanding of Milano was Fashion only, meaning cold fabric and I love to think of myself as a warm, loving, caring, joyful, sensual, hot blooded young lady, I had no intention to fly from South Africa to do shopping but I was persuaded by a friend to come and visit so I did.

I arrived in Milano the day before my 23rd Birthday on the 19th of October 2010. I did not have a map of the city at all, all I had was my 2 pink suitcases and my smile.
I had to take a taxi from the airport because I did not know how to use the Metropolitana, I did not even know there was something called a yellow line (giggle).
I arrived at my hotel, I settled in and got freshened up for dinner in the evening with my friend. One terrible mistake i made was to wear high heeled shoes, Mama Mia…… these women here are too brave to walk all day long in high heeled shoes.
So I met my friend we went for dinner and walked in the City center, ohhh dear, Statues of Archangels and saints everywhere… this City is absolutely beautiful.
We were still walking and I was struggling to pay attention about what my friend was talking about because of the high heels that was killing me yet suddenly I stopped, paused and as I looked up I saw the most beautiful building I have ever seen, the famous Duomo a church. My mouth fell open, my eyes nearly popped out from it’s sockets and I stood still, stunned… tears filled my eyes because I have never seen so much detail in one church or any building, the Duomo is such a symbol of patience, hard work, passion, love for God, Beauty, history and I was standing right in front of it, It was absolutely magical and it still is.  It was love at first sight it was home.

I awoke the next morning and I got dressed very optimistic for a wonderful day and then I got completely lost, my friend forgot to tell me where the Metropolitana was or I forgot to ask, ohh but it was wonderful getting lost, I tried to communicate and the older Italian mammas helped me, they were so helpful even today. I could only say ciao and buongiorno so they took me by the hand into the correct direction.

After about 2 hours I found myself walking up one flight of stairs standing right in front of the Duomo, a big bright smile appeared on my face and I was in love again so I had to enter this big beautiful church.
As I entered the inside of the Duomo my heart melted even more, I took candles I prayed, tears filled my eyes gratitude filled my heart and I was so happy, I sat in the Duomo for about 2 hours before I had to leave to meet my friend for lunch, it was my birthday too.
I met my friend at via Torino street at the shop called Zara where my friend and myself walked down the street talking about my morning experiences and his work.
Suddenly the door opened and I was looking at this beautiful tiny and warm restaurant filled with men with black and white suits on and I felt a bit under dressed, I had a black pants with a pearl pink top on, a thick belt, white and pink pearls and this enormous bag. I looked funny I suppose but the owner called Giacomo made me feel welcome immedietaly!!!!
I ate this very fascinating pasta dish, It tasted divine but I apologize I cannot remember the name of the dish, the pasta itself I remember were in the form of little balls.
My friend told me “Happy Birthday” I replied with a kind thank you and we had lunch at Ronchi78, for me the first time. As we were about to leave I tripped and fell over the chair, I felt ridiculous because I was clumsy and stared at, yet the owner made me feel better once again, I was called miss Vuvuzela (giggle).

After lunch my friend had to go back to work again and told me to continue walking via Torino street, I did as I was told and I bought my first pistaccio gelato oh dear, it was divine, I was in heaven.
I then received a text message from my friend saying that he does not want to see me again because I am not apparently his cup of tea, luckily I was still eating my Gelato so I did not care too much. Afterwards I did think about the situation, it was after all my birthday, I have at that moment only been in Italy for 24hours not knowing how to get back to my Hotel or where I actually was but then I remembered my way back to the Duomo so I was grateful.
I did not get angry at my friend, I was quite peaceful, my mind was at that moment still busy processing all the new around me so I could not really worry too much about a man, but I forgave him at once and told him afterwards that it is alright, we can remain friends but I will never be with him again because I will never be able to even think about doing to another what he had done to me, It was very rude.
After that I never heard of him again I do hope he is blessed with goodness, wisdom, light and laughter though.
So it was still my birthday, I was sitting by the statue of Leonardo da Vinci, silently speaking to the statue in my head saying “so, I guess its just you and me.” I giggled and took a taxi to my hotel where I took a shower and decided well I am here for a month so let me make the most of it.

I took the Metro once again to the Duomo where I looked starry eyed at this enormous beautiful church, I decided to rather stick to the things I knew and take a walk down Torino street again, I really tried to remember where I had lunch with my friend that afternoon because it felt so warm and safe inside Ronchi78, yet my heart dropped, I felt discouraged because I have within 24hours been lost so many times, I did buy a little map book and only later realized that the map book were written in Spanish. (giggle)

As I walked down Torino my head turned right looking down a street that looked familiar, and it was, it was Ronchi78 where myself and my ex friend had lunch that same afternoon, ohhh my heart raced and I was so happy, it was wonderful. So I went inside and the waiter Max helped me, such a kind person, he visited South Africa and he liked it hehehe and Giacomo still called me miss Vuvuzela, I was so happy because I felt safe, the atmosphere felt so peaceful kind and loving the people so warm and friendly…. Happiness.

I did not have a late evening there at Ronchi78, I felt a bit exhausted so I left early, the man who was driving my taxi spoke to me and I told him it was my birthday so he offered to take me out for a drink for my birthday, I accepted and it was fun, he was a gentleman and took me back to my hotel afterwards and explained to me how to take the metro back to my hotel, what the street name is and all the have to know things. That night I went to bed feeling happy knowing that as long as I know how to get to the Duomo and to Ronchi78 I will be va bene.

……. to be continued.

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1 thought on “Fell from the sky and my birthday…..

  1. Hello! I like to read your blog. It's admirable how you decided to stay in Milan and u are so enthusiastic for this city!! I understand that your attention to come to Milan was your (ex)boy-friend who was really rude at your birthday??, or is this a misunderstandig? Hope u find your luck in Milan! I'm really asking, if the love, they show us on TV, does really exist. Infinite, never ending, unconditional LOVE – i hope so – i've not found it until now.

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