Month: July 2011

Plans…. Thoughts… etc.

So I have only been back here for 3 weeks, its been fun and strange, Ive been doing all crazy things, fun things but what what caught my attention most was investing.

I felt business oriented for the past few weeks and have been attending these business meetings at night. Talking business with other business people turns me on and I never realised that before so my energy has been fired up and I am very optomistic about any future projects I will be taking on.

What is true and what I love about any investment information is that in life you get several different types of people, you get people that works as an employee, then you get the business owner, then you get a company owner, and then you get the investor. The true Billionares in this world are the risk takers, well thats true, normally you will call us crazy but actually we just take use risks. So Ive been interested more in the bulls and the bears, Donald Trump and also reading many business related books.

Yes Im in my element again and just love life and enjoy having fun while taking on new projects not just business, not just completing my book  but also helping the illiterate children teaching them how to read and to write, I love balancing out my life with spiritual work aswell. Its good to do charity work to boost ones faith and spirit. Helping people without expecting anything in return and also seeing a person happy is absolutely priceless.

At the moment there are once again many options, many things to take into concideration and also loads of planning. But for today I will enjoy entertaining guests and making people smile, relaxed and joyful.

I do wish you all a beautiful day where ever you are in the world and remember that knowledge is power.

I love you all have a beautiful Saturday and have fun because life is short.

Tanti baci e Amore Sempre

hmmmmmm….. what can I say


I was in France…. then I travelled back to Italy to Unite with my heart but what does one do when ones one heart does not want you anymore?

So I travelled back to South Africa, Im visiting my mother, her boyfriend died a week before, I arrived, luckily my mother met me at the airport in Johannesburg and after that she had to go collect her previous boyfriends ashes, then I was taken to my baby boy Gizmo Dogs doggy hospital, he could not be saved so he had to die too on the day of my arrival. The new place my mother was staying was interesting but not to my standards so I took controll and had changes made immedietly, Im actually still with my mother and decided that “oh well, its better to have a best friend than a mother” so we sorted out our own differences and we are singing Duets together. My mother sings better than me and she is absolutely gorgeous, well our birthdays are 3 days apart so we are exactly the same person, the only difference is is that she does not have all that much rythm and when we were in Yoga class together she couldnt put her legs between her head, uhahahahahaha, it was funny.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day together, I made her laugh so much she was crying and all her mascara came running off her face, uhahahahaha, I was laughing too. Luckily she took my advice and now everything is wonderful. phew, if I knew having a parent was this difficult I would have never gotten born.

The truth is, is that I still love and miss Ronchi78 so much it hurts, I miss Mirko, Giacomo, the boys, the families`, I am lost here. Im having fun but its not my heart. I am but existing in comfort but senza my heart. But what can I do, when my heart doest want me then hell I need to survive somewhere?

Here at the Northern farm I met a hippopottomus, I named her Sally, she has a child and husband too but I cannot bond with them, they are too dangerous. allora so I am now a proffesional tree climber and driving arround on Quad bikes all day, sit in the rocks in the middle of the river and listen to the water, its beautiful, but whenever I have an open moment, my thoughts go back to Milan and my families there. Its hurts., I love them so much. they have my heart forever.

Ok thats enough for now Im drinking wine.

Amore Sempre


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