Buongiorno, this morning I want you all smiling with joy…

I was busy making cuppacino and I want to share some beautiful thoughts with you all that might make you all smile with pure joy….. Ehehehehe 😉

So I am busy writing my second book in my head and the more I am thinking about it the more I am smiling…

My second book is very funny, it is a beautiful memory that is engraved into my heart forever, it is not every day I can be 23 making a trip to Milan, find a restaurant called Ronchi78, fall in love with Ronchi78 and the Duomo, go back to Ronchi78 every night and eventually the owners Giacomo Bertacchi and Mirko Paletti ask me what I want and I reply ” my life purpose and a family”, well I wrote that on the Ronchi78 blog because it was the only true form of communication I had with them at that time because I could not speak Italian yet….

The experience was too magical to ever forget, you might find my actions strange and very joyful, it was acts from my heart and it was beautiful. It is a story where you will be able to laugh, cry, be inspired to know that if you are open and just yourself and follow your heart, that all things are possible.

I must admit Giacomo, Mirko and everybody in Ronchi78 might have thought I was not normal……what would you think if a little tiny voice, big eyed, doll face South African girl stumbling into your restaurant alone every night, always in a table corner smiling and giggling with pure joy? Ehehehehehe, I spoke a lot if English to them too, forgetting that they cannot really understand me. I remember Giacomo sitting at the table one night and I am speaking to him in English, babbling away non stop, he eventually looked at me and told me “please, I have headache, stop talking.” it was not because I was talking, it was because he could not understand what I was saying, ehehehehe (sigh). Giacomo learned how to speak English now, and me Italian so communication is better 😀 is it not beautiful.

So where were we? Oh yes, all was odd and magical but developed into something beautiful and inspirational.

I am still working on the second book but when it is published it is not to be missed.

My first book called Running with angels are available to buy now, it is based on health in every form and how to live a healthier, happier, more successful and prosperous new you. I wrote this book for you all with the intention for you to be happy, healthy, successful and prosperous every day of your life, this book was inspired by Ronchi78, Giacomo Bertacchi and Mirko Paletti. Do me a favour, buy it, read it and live again, you will not regret it, information is important in this life and can only make you grow into your true happy self. Enjoy …

So I must go now because I have things to do 🙂

Now I want you to think positive, smile and know that you are wonderful, you are unique and beautiful. Never be afraid to be yourself, trust your intuition, follow your heart and know that you are capable to acchieve all you want in life, trust yourself and GO FOR IT!!!

Tanti baci e amore sempre….

Marilette Barbara van Heerden

Posted on: July 10, 2012, by : marilettebvh

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