Chapter 4: Scuola Italiano and the meeting

Chapter 4: Scuola Italiano and the meeting

Having breakfast in my hotel the next morning, I felt optomistic about the day.It was a Teusday knowing that, that evening would be Musica dal Vivo at Ronchi78 hahahaha, I am hopeless I know, Mamma mia, and I will be going to my new found Italian school that afternoon.
I collected my bag from my hotel room and headed out but first to Piazza dal Duomo to feed the fortunate pigeons and then to spend some time inside of the Cathedral simply to give gratatude. 
Time flew by and I noticed that it was 11am, I had to find my school to learn to speak and write Italian the language fluently, but I had no Idea where the school was. I knew that it was in the centre of the city and that I had a street adress but I had no Idea where this street was. I took my phone out and entered the street adress to navigate me to my desired destination. 
I thought that I was going to get lost or that the walk would be long but it took me 10 minutes to get to the school from Pizza dal Duomo. I was very empressed as well as satisfied with the time duration. 
I spoke to the secratary at the counter and she handed me all the forms, I signed up and payed for an every monday to friday 2 weeks Italian coarse. I was handed my books as well as my schedule and then I had to write a small test for them to know in which class I had to be placed in. They realised that my italian had been quite bad so I was placed into the beginners class. My first lessons started only the next day but after I was signed up I was relieved.
I left the school that day after 3:30pm, a little sad because I could not share my news with everybody at Ronchi78 and have lunch there but I knew that I would see them that same evening.
While I was walking around Milan after exiting my new school, I secretivly smiled everywhere I went, because it felt like I was that woman from the series Sex and the City, the only difference was, was that I came from another country and I did not have any girlfriends yet hahahaha…… 
Now in my magical mind, I am saying “I want my girlfriends, my sex and the city type of girlfriends”, (giggle). I felt content, happy and optomistic. Things were starting to fall slowly into place. 
Another thought made itself known to me at that time and it steered my hart straight to the Metro on my way back to my hotel room, I realised that it was time for me to look for an apartment immedietly. 
I had been browsing through apartments for quite some time on my computer and I sent requests to the owners of the apartments for the possibility for me to view the apartments. I was satisfied with my daily manifestations and I felt very peaceful. I layed on my bed for a moment and looked out of my bedroom window. I rolled onto my side and saw my Jamie Oliver cook book laying underneath all of my new study material by the desk. A sudden inspiration filled my core and I felt like I wanted to give my Jamie Oliver Italian cook book as a gift that night to Giacomo. I smiled to myself knowing that I will give it to him that night as a gift and hoping that he will accept and like it.
Later on that evening it was time for Ronchi78 again, ahhhh I just light up when I go there or just think of going there. Amo Ronchi78.
As I entered Ronchi78, San Carlo was there again as well as Giacomo, mamma mia and it was busy but as always MAGICAL.
Massimo the head waiter approached me with an enormous welcome and placed the menu onto my table. I never knew what to order because it was all in italian so I asked Massimo what would he suggest. He went through the smaller meals with me and explained a type of cheese decorated with a mango on the top. I said immedietly yes to that. My glass was filled with delicious red wine, a basket of bread was placed onto my table with a bottle of aqua frizzante. 
I had no idea when to give Giacomo his gift and decided to keep it hidden untill later on. I took out my new study material to begin to read through and be prepared for Italian school for the next day. 
San Carlo walked slowly past my table and picked up my Italian handbook I recieved from school. He browsed through it and took it over to Giacomo. Giacomo and San Carlo browsed through the book together and seemed impressed. San Carlo called over to me and asked me if I am attending school. “Yes, I am starting tomorrow” I replied and Giacomo had the expression on his face like he was in heaven. He looked so proud and happy that I want to learn how to speak Italian. His facial expression made me very happy. I adored Giacomo so much at that moment as if he was a guardian angel to me. San Carlo then took a bottle of wine from the corner counter of the bar and topped up my wine glass again. I thought it was odd but I just went with it. 
My meal then arrived at my table and I kindly thanked Massimo, “All ok?” he asked and I replied with a kind “Yes, thank you.” followed by a warm smile. I looked at the dish in front of me and I thought that it looked absolutely incredible, the white and soft squere shaped Robiola cheese was topped with a rose shaped mango drizzled with a red syrup.
The first tase I took of this increadible looking cheese sent me to heaven, the taste of this cheese is a little sweet, creamy and simply melts in ones mouth with the first touch of the tongue, flowing to every part of my mouth, tickling and satisfying my tastebuds in every single way, leaving behind a cold sensation after every bite. Ahhhhh, every bite I took my eyes widened with just loving every single taste of this perfect cheese, Buonissimo!!!!! 
After that meal I was not interested to study any further in my corner table, music down stairs had begaun and I just wanted to listen and relax. I packed away my reading material and Giacomo had a tense expression on his face. He wispered something to Massimo the waiter and Massimo then asked me if I am leaving. “No, Im not leaving, I want to listen to the music, is it ok if I go listen?” I asked Massimo, “Yes!!!!” he replied and went back to Giacomo, spoke fast to him in Italian and Giacomo sighed in relief and his smile returned. I thought that Giacomo was really adorable.
The music was increadible, in Italian, I could not understand a word but it was exciting, sung from the hearts of all the Italians present and it made my heart sing with unconditional feelings of pure joy. 
Later on I noticed that the guests could choose a song to sing and the musician would play the song melody on his quitar. It was like a live karaoke called musica dal vivo. I wanted to sing too but I felt too unfamiliar and shy at that time, I was not sure if the musician knew how to play english songs. I went back upstairs and asked Massimo to translate to Giacomo, “Do you know the song: Stars shining bright above you, knight breezes seems to whisper, I love you, Birds singing in the sicamore tree, dream a little dream of me….” I sang the song because I could not remember the name, I was too excited, Massimo translated and knew the name of the song, Mamas and papas; dream a little dream of me. Giacomo stood still looking at me then he told Massimo, “Lei e appasionata.” Massimo and Giacomo both smiled and shook their haeds up and down then Massimo replied to me that they do know the song. I did not find the courage to sing that night. I remembered that I have Italian school the next day and it was almost 12:00pm. The last metro train that took me back towards my hotel left at 12:00pm and I could not miss it. 
I took my bag, retrieved my wallet and the Jamie Oliver book for Giacomo. I explained to Massimo to translate to Giacomo that I want him to have my cook book as a gift. Giacomo took the book, he browsed through it and it looked as if he wanted to cry from happiness. I left the bar counter for a moment and walked towards the kitchen not looking at me then he returned and said “Tank you.” I stood still looking at him and he knew that I wanted to pay, he said: “10 Euro’s.” I was confused again, it was impossible for the bill to be only 10 Euro’s. I could not argue, I was going to be late for my train. I gave the money and ran out. Massimo yelled after me “See you tomorrow?”, “Si Si” I agreed and I was gone.
I was entering my hotel room feeling happy and content, I felt fortunate because Ronchi have always been so open and welcoming towards me, I cannot even communicate with any of them properly, yet it is just a meeting of many hearts and just the way things are, It was beautiful and I felt bedazzled.
“This is the work station where the students can go online”, the lady said showing me a little tour of my little Italian school. I was interested but a little annoyed, I just wanted to start learning already, ufff.
The clock stroke 10am and I was sitting on a chair by a desk surrounded by a few other students. Anna from New Zealand, Martha from Poland and Daniel from Germany. We all became well aquianted and we all felt a sense of becoming friends. The Italian teacher had a ball because I was very joyful and made jokes and giggled throughout the school time. It was wonderful. Martha, Anna, Daniel and I became friends quick and planned lunches as well as outings together after school times. I was really happy, it was perfect.
The following Day during School break I asked my new friends if they would love to join me for lunch at my favorite restuarant in Milan, Martha and Anna had already made other plans but Daniel accepted my invitation. 
After school Daniel and I were on our way to Ronchi78, Giacomo already expected me because I had lunch there too every day after school doing my homework. As we entered Giacomo only payed attention to me and showed me that my table had been set and ready for me. He then turned towards Daniel and realised that Daniel had entered with me. He looked at me, back at Daniel and his facial expression had been everything but kind. He pulled his lips into a forced smile with his eyes showing his dissaproval and said: “Congratulaaaa…..tions.” He then called over to Massimo to reset my already placed table for other guests and told Massimo fast in Italian to take Daniel and me downstairs. We were placed in a far end inside a tiny corner. 
Giacomo was not happy at all and Massimo looked a little dissapionted and nervous too.
I felt a little uneasy, I was sad because Giacomo was angry and Massimo was dissapionted. I had to find a way to let Giacomo and Massimo know that Daniel was not my boyfriend, not even a lover, he was a friend from school and he has a wonderful Girlfriend who is an employee at IKEA in Milan.
Daniel and I had a beatiful lunch talking about School, what we had learned and the beautiful City of Milan. 
Time flew by and it was time for us to leave and almost time for Ronchi to close for the afternoon. 
Daniel and I spoke and slowly made our way upstairs to the bar where Giacomo had been. We were standing in front of Giacomo and he was looking at as if not really wanting to. I so badly wanted to pay, in that way Giacomo would know that Daniel is not my boyfriend. I took out my wallet and Daniel told me to put my wallet away because he wil pay. I could see the blood rushing into Giacomo’s face from being angry: “30 Euro’s”, Giacomo told Daniel with a satisfied look on his face accompanied with a grin. I noticed Daniel becoming red in the face with a shocked facial expression, so I took my wallet out again and offered to pay half. Daniel was persistent and told me that he would take care of it. I felt embarrest and rediculous. I promised myself that I will never take a male friend to Ronchi78 again. It was too much stress for me to handle.
I knew that that night entering Ronchi alone Giacomo will realise that Daniel was not my boyfriend and I can possibly explain to Massimo to translate to Giacomo the truth. 
Daniel and I left Ronchi78, as I closed the door behind me Giacomo looked after us with a sad facial expression and I almost cried. “I have to fix the misunderstanding tonight” I told myself in my mind…
That evening I entered Ronchi, My table in my corner had ben set, there was a few other costomers having dinner and Giacomo was not there. I felt sad, whatever damage controll I could do had not been possible. 
I took out my homework and started to study Italian. Massimo arrived at my table and poured me a glass of wine. He stood still next to me asking me where my friend is, my response was that he is with his girlfriend and he is simply a friend from school. Massimo gave a sigh of relief, “Ok Ok, so you and him is not together?; “No Massimo not at all, he is a good friend and his girlfriend works for IKEA.”, “Ok, ok, ho capito!”, Massimo smiled and walked away. 
Afer a while the telephone wrang in Ronchi and Massimo answered, He was looking at me while he was talking and he said something like “si lei e qui ma lui non e di fidnanzato, solo amico della scuola.” Massimo then laughed at whomever he was speaking to over the phone and the call came to an end. 
I had my robiola cheese, drank another glass of wine and the clock was nearing 12:00pm again. 
I went to the bar to pay by Massimo and Massimo said, “No tonight you dont pay, tomorrow, tomorrow!”, “But why?” I asked Massimo, “Vuvuzela go sleep.”
I was tired yes and I left. 
“Do you want to come to a Musica dal vivo with me on friday night?” I asked my friends. Martha, Anna and Daniel agreed.  With Daniels acceptance he did me a favour he had no idea about. He said that his girlfriend would also like to come and she is very interested to meet us all. Ahhhhhh I gave a sigh in relief knowing that I can prove to Giacomo that Daniel was not my boyfriend at all. I was very relieved, happy and I could not wait for friday evening to arrive. 
Giacomo had not been in Ronchi for the rest of the week, I booked a table with Massimo for my friends and I for the friday night and asked Massimo where Giacomo was, “He is not feeling well, he is resting.” I sighed and told Massimo to tell Giacomo that he must get well soon.
The rest of my week had been simple, I went to school, Ronchi78, the Duomo, walked around the city, went back to my hotel room to study some more, Took a shower got dressed and went back to Ronchi. I had a routine, it was wonderful and when Friday arrived my heart was fluttering.
I entered Ronchi and Giacomo was healthy and back, I was so relieved. “Where is your friends?”, Massimo asked me and I explained to him that they would only arrive later. 
I sat and had a wine, about an hour passed and I was still sitting sipping on wine. “Where are you guys?” I texted everyone, “We are in Brera having an apperativo, meet us here then we can all go together to Musica dal vivo.” I walked over to Massimo and asked him where Brera was, “Noooooo, it is too far away, you must take the red line and it is far outside Milan.” Massimo lied. “Tell your friends to meet you here.” I believed Massimo that Brera was far away so I texted Daniel back that I am waiting for them at Ronchi78. 
Finally everybody entered, and I introduced all my friends to Giacomo highlighting the introduction of Daniel my friend and his girlfriend. Giacomo smiled broadly at me and nodded in approval. I was finally happy. Giacomo and Massimo was happy. All of my friends had a beautiful night and everything was perfect again. 
The weekend was absolutely wonderful, Anna and I walked around the City, we went for lunch and aperativo’s, we went to her apartment to study some more Italian and she loved Ronchi78 so much that she decided that she will join me there for dinner the following Teasday night.
Sunday evening I was looking for apartments all day and I found one at a reasonable price. The owner of the apartment was not in the country and I needed to look at the apartment first and that is where I left the responce email at.
Teusday evening finally arrived and I was off to meet Anna at her apartment before we went to Ronchi78. I did not book a table because Teusday nights had not been busy. 
As Anna and I entered Ronchi78 it was packed, there was no table open. Giacomo looked at me and lifted his hands up letting me know in body language that there is no space for us but then he signalled me  to come closer to the bar and wait. 
He poured a glass of shampagne for Anna and myself to relax untill a table opened up for us. 
I was standing and sipping on my shampagne, talking with Anna and my head tilted back to Giacomo. 
Giacomo was looking at a table behind me signalling to a person sitting at that table with his eyes “this is her”. His eyes moved from the table behind me to me and back to that table again. I looked over my shoulder turning slightly towards the direction Giacomo was signalling at and I looked straight into big brown eyes. A man, staring at me into my eyes at the same time, he had a shock on his face and I smiled kindly never breaking eye contact.
“WoW now that’s a beautiful man and he looks like Al Pacino” I thought to myself. We broke eye contact and I directed my attention back at Anna. We were talking joyfully waiting patiently for a table to open. 
It had not been 5 minutes and a table had been set for us right next to Al Pacino look alike’s table. 
I felt a litte embarrest because I noticed that Ronchi was filled with mostly only men stairing at me that night and I wondered what was going on. Al Pacino stared at me many times and smiled at me, he was breath taking. I felt drawn to him instantly like I felt drawn to Giacomo but this was another type of feeling. 
You could feel his presence, strong, independent King Lion spirit. Dressed in an elegant suit but very comfortable, at home and relaxed in Ronchi. 
His gaze was like a magnet, perfectly olive toned Italian flawless skin, Thick dark brown and healthy hair, big brown eyes and he moved graciously. He was overwhelming, tall, built like a healthy but fit man. This man had my interest, and kept my interest. I was curious and blown away.
Every time he smiled at me with his side grin I blushed, this was no man I had ever met before, I felt like I was in a movie.
Anna and I finished our meals and she felt tired and wanted to go home. I wanted to stay so I walked with her to the bar where Giacomo was standing, Giacomo looked confused and as if he was going to go into a panic while he was looking at me, “you go now?”, “No no she is going, I am staying to listen to some more music.”, Giacomo sighed in relief and said “ok ok”. I accompanied Anna outside and we greeted untill we had to meet the next morning at school. 
I went indside very quickly sat in my corner to have a glass of wine before heading down stairs. That night I was going to sing, Mamas and Papas the song called dream a little dream of me.
I gave a last glance and a smile towards Al Pacino and I felt somewhat sad. I had never seen him before at Ronchi and I thought that I would never perhaps see him again. I sighed and thought that perhaps one day our paths may cross again.
I went down stairs and I sang, without music because the artists could not play my desired song. The crowd was large and as I started to sing everyone went quiet, listening intently. After I sang applause came from all around the bottom of Ronchi, I was happy so my heart could sing and my vocals could open in ease. It was my absolute pleasure.
I went back upstairs and sat with Giacomo, “Giacomo can I start a blog for Ronchi?”, Massimo translated for me and Giacomo smiled then shook his head in approval, afterwads we were just communicating in sign language and sometimes with the help of Massimo. 
It was about 2am and the last of the guests were leaving, I helped Giacomo fold some tablecloths and packing things away, I wanted to because he either does not want me to pay or he asks too little. He enjoyed it, he sighed ans giggled silently finding my helping presence joyful. 
The artist were emerging from the bottom where they had played and congratulated me on my singing. They translated for Giacomo and Giacomo could not understand, he asked them what I sang and they told him that I just sang on the microphone without music the song Mamas and Papas because they couldnt play it. 
Giacomo looked shocked, he could not believe what he was hearing. He then asked if it was good and they said it was brilliant. Ahhh Italians so generous with compliments. I had fun, I loved every moment from seeing Al Pacino, singing to helping Giacomo. It was a magical night that I will never forget.
I arrived at my hotel room and started a blog immedietly for Ronchi78, this is where it all truly began.
The next Teusday evening when I entered Ronchi78 I arrived quite late and all I wanted to do was my Italian homework, have some wine and my Robiola cheese. There was not a soul in Ronchi and no artist were playing either. The only presence was Massimo. 
Massimo came to me making jokes as if he was supposed to keep me entertained, I ordered my Robiola cheese and it was not braught to me. After an hour, almost at 11pm I asked Massimo where my meal was and he said that it was coming. The phone rang, he answered and looked at me while he was speaking, I could understand that he was confirming to the person on the other end of the line that I was there. I did not pay too much attention to that because Giacomo normally called to check if I was there in the evenings. 
After the quick phone call, Massimo started to move the tables into one long table that blocked me into my corner. I could not exit the door or go to the bathroom. I was somewhat frightened and started to pack away my things to go. Massimo was in a panic, “No No, stay, wait.” he asked me, “Wait for the football team, Giacomo too!”, “What?”, I replied. Massimo said nothing further, he was starting to set the table. I had no choice, I sat back down, placed my Ipod  on and listened to very loud music in my ears. I took out my Italian books again and my Dairy because I felt nervous. “Is the owner of the restuarant in a football team? Are they football players that owns this restuarant?” I was asking to myself. I had no Idea what was going on and I felt frightened. I kept myself glued to my seet. I had no other choice. 
The door opened, I saw Giacomo and AL PACINO entering folled by many other men. As Giacomo and Al Pacino entered they looked straight at me. Al Pacino sat at the end of the long table about a meter away from where I was sitting and Giacomo sat right next to him with his back to the bar facing me in my corner. The rest of the men seated themselves and their first plates was placed on the table followed by my Robiola cheese. 
Once I recieved my cheese I was relieved. At that time I was starving and the first taste sent me to heaven. I was moving my head to the beat of the music in my earphones unknowingly, something I always do.
After my robiola was finished Massimo came to take my plate, I looked up and payed attention to what amusement I created to my long table of Italian men in suits. They were smiling and staring at me as if I was the most adorable person in the world. 
Al Pacino stood up and walked over to my table. “What is this?” he pionted to the earpones in my ears. “Ahhhhh Thank God, he speaks English!!!!” I thought to myself, I smiled at him and told him that it was my little Ipod “Look!” I pionted towards my little Ipod on my collar. 
He smiled and it seemed like he was giggling with joy from the inside of his chest. I liked it very much, he had the most beautiful smile. 
He returned back to his seat stil glaring at me with a beautiful and amused smile.
I felt somewhat shy, I never get shy this man had an impact on me no man have ever had before and I did not even know him. I had no idea who he was, all I knew was that we had intense eye contact the Teusday before and that he was part of the evenings football team.
I sat and staired at the football team for a moment, my eyes started to fill with compassion as I watched all of these Italian men, talking, being festive together, smiling and laughing, the sight was beautiful to me and it made me feel happy, safe and content. I appreciated and cared for them all unconditionally in a second, dont ask why? it just happened.
My bladder was starting to fill up, I had a great desire to urinate but I had to plan this and find some courage. “If I stand up all of their attention will be on me and I will need to ask Al Pacino to allow me pass to get to the bathroom.” I was contemplating in my mind. I sighed and thought that; “Well if I do not get up and go to the bathroom I will wet my chair and that will be more embarrasing than being shy.” 
I stood up and all attention was directed at me so I smiled, its all I could do. Al Pacino stood up from his chair; “Where do you want to go?” he asked kindly with a smile. I blushed and I told him that I just wanted to go to the bathroom. He moved his chair a little inwards for me to pass. 
What a beautiful release, Whooooosaaaaaaa. 
I went back to my seat and decided to study some Italian again, I took out my books and my leather Dairy. 
A short while afterwards Giacomo called my name aloud, I looked up and he was signalling me to go and sit with Al Pacino and himself and to bring my Italian book. 
A rush of blood flowed to my face, I felt nervous but I accepted the invitation.
I picked up my Italian book and headed over to a seat next to Al Pacino and I simply smiled.
Al Pacino was laughing with joy from the inside of his chest again, this time with no sound. I giggled after seeing him doing this because it was beautiful, when my giggle was heard Giacomo and Al Pacino started to laugh. They seemed very happy, joyful and adoring me, I loved it to see them like that, yet I dont know why.
Al Pacino started off inroducing me to the football team, “Do you know the Godfather?” “Yes I replied happily, Al Pacino!”, he looked at Giacomo, “Hey she knows.” Gicomo smiled brightly shaking his head up and down agreeing with Pacino. “I am the stunt double for Al Pacino because you can see, we look the same.” I nodded believing this but felt sad, “Oh noooo not another man in the film industry.” I thought to myself, I travelled with the hollywood film industry with my ex boyfriend who was a special effects technitian. We were on set on the making of Blood Daimond and then again with the movie called Rendition. My relationship with my previous boyfriend did not work out at all, it was terrible, but thats another book let us stick to this story shall we?
“This is Giacomo, you know him, this is Beppe he is a Pimp, and he gave all funny professions to the rest of the football team.” I realised that the stranger the professions became that he was joking and I sighed in relief. 
“So are you two friends?” Pacino asked me and Giacomo, we smiled and nodded yes to him. Pacino was staring at both Giacomo and me noticing that we really cared about each other, we were really good friends without proper communication. He liked it but he also didn’t like it. Pacino lowerd his head and slided his right hand through his thick dark brown healthy hair, staring into an unknown distance and then he directed his attention back to me.
“Are you studying Italian?”; “Yes”, he took my Italian handbook and he browsed through it. He looked impressed, he smiled, the he asked; “Do you want an Italian lesson?”, ehehehehe I giggled and replied a joyful yes to him, he was adorable. 
Pacino paged to the first lesson of my handbook; “Ey Ciao, this is how you greet informally, to a friend or a person on the street, Buongiorno signore or signora, is how you greet in a formal way.” he explained placing the true italian tone and hand gestures with it. Ehehehehe, I already knew this because I had learned it the first day in Italian school but I smiled so brightly and nodded back to him. 
Pacino looked bedazzled with my smile and he became more like a 16 year old boy with every passing second, a 16 year old boy that found a treasure for a first time, knowing that it was out there and finally found it. 
“Why do you love Milan?”, “I love the Duomo and Ronchi.” I replied. He lit up like a candle after my truthful responce. “You are from Sud Africa?”, “Yes.”; “What are you doing in Milan?”; “I dont know anymore, I am trying to find my life purpose.” Pacino smiled curiously at me as if he could not believe what he as hearing from me.
“What are you writing in your dairy?”, I didnt realise that he had noticed me writing in it at all, “I am writing a book.”; “About what?” he asked curiously. “I am writing a book about health in all areas of ones life, physical, mental, emotional and spititual combined with the law of attraction.” His eyes widened in shock wondering how a young gill like me can write a book about health. “I want to read this book when you are finished with it.” he requested, “ok.” I replied with a smile. “Do you want to know the folklore of the Duomo?”, “Yes.”
Al Pacino had an excitement at that moment he was happy, truly happy. 
“Every morning when the sun Rises, it shines onto the Madonna on top of the Duomo and all the people in the City starts to run around very quickly to get to work, they say it is the presence of Maria that this happens.”, my eyes widened in shock and amusement; “REALLY?” I asked out loud, Pacino could not hold back anymore, he giggled out loud with pure joy replying to me “Yes, I will not lie to you.”, “Ahhhhhh Bellissima!!!” I responded and the whole football team was laughing with joy. I blushed and my head looked like a tomato. 
Pacino got still laughing, he went around the bar to pour himself a drink, “What do you want to drink?” he asked me smiling brightly and with daimonds in his eyes. “Vino rosso, per favore.” I responded to him still blushing.
He poured me a glass of wine and braught it to me.
After everyone settled again I went back to my table. Most of the football team left and Giacomo went home too. It was only Al Pacino and a few others that had stayed behind to play cards and Massimo cleared the tables.
It was after 1am and I was tired, I needed to get a taxi to my Hotel before 2am. I packed up my things and greeted everybody who stayed behind, “When are you leaving back to South Africa?” Al Pacino asked me before I could open the door to leave, my heart sighed, I was hoping for this apartment I arranged but before I can count my chickens before they have hatched I needed to tell him the bad news, “In 3 days, this Friday.” I replied. His face turned into complete sadness as if his heart was breaking into millions of pieces, seeing him hurt like that sent a pain into my chest like I was being stabbed simultaniously over and over again. I could not handle it and then I was out the door like Flash and I had to run to the Duomo to be in time to get the last taxi driving for the evening.
All went well, I arrived at my hotel and I went straight to bed, a little worried but bedazzled and content, “Ahhhhhh I love Ronchi”. I rolled onto my side thinking that I do not know Al pacino’s real name and that had been my last thoughts before I fell into a deep and peaceful beauty sleep.

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