Ronchi78 Its a kind of magic

Ronchi78 It’s a kind of magic book is a true life inspirational story about a young South African girl Marilette Barbara van Heerden who travelled to Milan 2 days before her 23rd Birthday for a holiday.
Little did she know how her entire world and life was going to change and how much she inspired and changed all those she had met in Milan in a miraculous way.
This book is somewhat of a true life fairytale that does not speak about the law of attraction and how the power of positive thought and unconditional love can construct as well as heal in abundance but merely give’s the simple actions of manifestation.

Throughout this book you will laugh out loud, cry, be shocked, identify with yourself in every single way and be inspired by this new age Cinderella story then be motivated to follow your heart without question Come what may.

Ronchi78 Manuscript will go through the publication process soon.

I wish you all a good evening and thank you for your patience.

Posted on: December 4, 2012, by : marilettebvh

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