The Muize

The Muize What a phenomenon!!!! Cape Town is very magical, it’s a town with many different worlds within, and thats why I was speechless when I was invited by Daniel and Meg to spend some time in they’re lovely and exceptional Bed and Breakfast called The Muize in Muizenberg Cape Town South Africa! How is […]

@78 It’s the final countdown Chapter 1: Babel (First draft)

CHAPTER 1: BABEL  [1]“Marilette, ons enigste opsie is, is om die koper in die hande te kry en vra of sy nog wil voort gaan met die verkoop en as ons haar nie in die hande kan kry nie, gaan ons n kanselasie van die verkoop moet in dien.” Mr Lombaard explained to me in detail […]

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