@78 When you wish upon a star Ebook


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“Patience, love, understanding, forgiveness … Are these not powerful fruit of the tree of life?

Shall I endure more or shall I give up?

To endure more would require courage God. I bow to you because I am born from unconditional love and I know that courage is not a choice in this venture, it is my only option. Truth, I shall be and speak only truth with love. Love, I shall continue to love without condition and forgive. Forgiveness, I shall show kindness and forgive even my greatest enemy. Kindness, I shall remain kind, courageous, elegant and filled with beauty as well as faith, forever and another day.

Patience, courage, truth, elegance, grace and faith… I shall soon return to my heart. Bless me with wings and let me take flight. Amen”

By Author Maria Barbara


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