I took some time and sat in peacefulness to listen properly to this band called Inland Sea, I really have never heard anything like it before. First of all I need to inform that this band are the writers of their own music, the instruments used in this band to create and combine their amazing […]

Inland Sea…….

Ohhh dear today I have directed my intentions to be peaceful and to read as well as write. I’m sorry the blog is still confusing but oh well I will still re-organise it, just not today, today I just want to write. I am currently attending at my parle Italiano school an intensive Italian learning […]


After my amusing confession with the priest went and sat in the middle of the church again, thinking what is the purpose of me even being in Milan, I did not understand and everybody I know would kill to be in my shoes yet I was just trying to figure out what the purpose was […]

my joyful confession…

I do believe all of you know how passionate I am about the Duomo, ohhh I can never leave the Duomo I miss the Duomo after one day of not seeing it. One beautiful afternoon  I sat inside the Duomo and I thought that I want to be Catholic, I still want to.I cannot love […]

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