Presente e possato, Christmas and the joy of giving……..

First of all I want to apologise for not writing lately it was Christmas, I had a wonderful Christmas followed with a terrible flu and I have been very emotional, just because many many many years ago I have been in a very big family, well not that big but it has been the first […]

…..ta di da di dum….

I am in the process of thinking, not thinking about what to write but thinking about many things….. you will not believe me if I had to tell what is going through my mind, perhaps you will believe me, my thoughts are normal for once……I am wondering if I am making the right choices for […]

Scuola to Ronchi78

The monday after my wonderful evening I spent outside and could only take the metro back to my hotel the next morning, I went to school and Daniel my wonderful German friend asked if I will please book a table at Ronchi’s for 8 people for the coming friday so I agreed. The next couple […]

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