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Inland Sea Concert

Ciao Regazzi……

As you now now, Inland Sea will be performing in Ronchi78 Milan Italy on the 09t h of February 2011. This concert is really so important for me because even just the band members are all amazing, everybody that helped Inland Sea with their CD is amazing and now everybody will be under one roof having a PARTY WoHoooooooo, it’s going to be so much fun. I am so excited I cannot wait, I wish I had a time machine!!!!

I do believe that if you read this blog and you like smiling, excellent cuisine, laughing, excellent bands, excellent music, wines, classy but relaxed venues, intellegent and amazing people, if you speak Italian, English, Dutch, Afrikaans, French and Spanish and if you love dancing then you cannot miss this CONCERT of Inland Sea in Ronchi78, come on spoil yourself come and have a party with us in Ronchi78 but please book I will write down all the contact details below for you to plan to come and visit.

Last night I spoke to Giacomo because Inland Sea is obviously a very unique band, this band is Italian, yet writes excellent lyrics in english, performs in english and the type of instruments used to preduce their music, it is not usual or ordinary its different, new, it is really excellent. Up untill now the lead singer of Inland Sea (Paolo Spada) told me that they have up untill now only really played amongst their friends and Max another Ronchi78 artist told me that Italians are very private people they dont talk easily, well not like me, I am like I told dottore a colourful butterfly and when I love something will convince the planet that its the best and that everybody must have it, visit it, be part of it etc. hehehehehehe, I could sell an egg to a chicken when I am inspired hehehehehehe allora…..
So I spoke to Giacomo because I really love Inland Sea’s music, now I am trying to get in contact with my friend in America who knows very important people in the music industry who just needs to one time listen to the CD of Inland Sea then Surprise, Inland Sea will then need body guards, but getting hold of my friend is not easy even if he is a good friend pfffff.

I will first need to speak to Paolo and everybody involved to hear what they want then we will see where this band will be in the future, if I get only yes, yes, yes, yes then my dear readers this concert might be the last concert where you can meet this band in Person and speak to them face to face….
Right now I am not promising anything, I am just sharing my thoughts and hopes with all of you.

Soooooo Now ofcoarse you should call Ronchi78 and book a table for you and all of your friends, it is not wise to wait because people are booking and if all the tables are booked you can take a chance to just walk in but you will not feel too comfortable just standing around all the time.

Please find all the details below:


Date: 09 February 2011
Time: 21:30
Place: Ronchi78
Address: Via San Maurilio 7
Tel./Fax: 02867295
cell: 327 7358587
More info.: ENTRANCE Is €10, the first drink is for free and after €5 it’s a
give away!!!!!!!!
Directions: When you come from Piazza Duomo in Central Milan you will see a shop called ZARA, that street is called Via Torino. Walk straight down Via Torino, on your left hand side you will see a shop called FNAC, the street right opposite the shop called FNAC in Via Torino is called Via San Maurilio where you will see your desired destination called Ronchi78.




Now you might be worried when planning to travel from afar about accomodation, do not worry there are sites here I will add on here for you, take a look at this accomodation it is absolutely beautiful and most definitaly worth it:

Now that you have all the information, I suggest you get your fine backside onto the telephone, book your accomodation, book your table at Ronchi78 for this amazing Concert and come meet Inland Sea and myself where we will be festive and have FUN!!!!!!

See you soon!!!!!!!

Happy confusion…

As most of you may know by now, Inland Sea will be performing in Ronchi78 on the 9th of February 2011. This Concert will be an unforgettable evening for all Who will attend, because Inland Sea is really really amazing. Not just really really amazing but excellent. 
Alright I know, you have not heard of them but when I arrived in Milan I did not know about them either, only when I was about to leave this magical band reeled me in like a tuna fish, no a tuna fish is very difficult to reel in, more like a normal big eyed gold fish, and the first time I heard their music I was won over, I fell head over heels completely in love with the music and the lyrics, trust me I am a lover of excellent things, excellent music, excellent cuisine, excellent people, places and events so trust me they are excellent!!!!!!

I have not been writing sorry, I have been studying loads of Italian and  a very sweet person has been sobotaging all of My postings, reporting all of My writings as abusive. I wonder If this person knows what  the word abuse actually means and I am trying to understand the mentality of this person because I dont understand how somebody can sit, investigate what good others produce and would want to sabotage it, WoW it scares me because such a person must be carrying round so much hate, so much unacceptance, so much sadness and pain, I am worried about this person, please if you have been sabotaging all of My postings please contact me as soon as possible so that I can try help you, I am not upset with you, I forgive you, I am never angry only if you hurt animals, sick people, old people and children in front of me then I will turn into a demon, otherwise I mostly understand people or try to.

Normally for me if you Are human there is nothing new to learn, people Are people all that differentiates us is our cultures and languages, but of all the people I have met, mostly everybody thinks similar, depressed people thinks like depressed people and I can go on. 
Now if you come to me and tell me that you are ET, then you might interest the #*%=+# out of me, and I would probably warn you to stay away from NASA, hehehehe, but if you dont listen do not be afraid, I will come to visit you in the big water tube, I will come with My swimwear, hehehehe, no biscotti though it will get wet sorry, hehehehe…… 

Allora, Ahhhhhh I missed writing, I love writing, its My life, I missed writing right here, at My little corner table in Ronchi78, where the atmosphere is tranquil, the music enfolding sweet melodies into My ears that sends beautiful wavelengths to every cell in My body, where all the worry and tension dissapears and My mind as well as body enters a state of complete relaxation…….ouffffffff, I know I know, dont ask questions just accept please?

Now the concert….. To be continued on 

Click on these links if any accomodation is wanted in Milan:


Ciao a tutti….

Ahhhh I love you all, ohhh dear I had such a relaxing day, I laughed a lot watching old movies and allora I giggled myself awake again this morning, It happens sometimes, pfffff I cannot help it and I don’t know what I dream to laugh myself awake in the mornings because when I open my eyes I don’t remember my dreams…… Mama Mia.

Last night was WONDERFUL at Ronchi78, ohhh I had so much fun but it was so busy, I don’t know why because it is not Christmas, is it not supposed to be back to normal again?  I could only get a table before 12pm and later I spoke Giacomo silly again and then I fooled around singing I will survive on the microphone,  pheww its fantastic because it is live karaoke everybody is so relaxed and even if you sing terrible people loves it, its wonderful ohhh I love Ronchi78.  Everybody should come and visit, it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Giacomo told me that in summer Ronchi is empty and then I felt like a beach party all of the sudden because summer was mentioned while I was having a good time….. ooooh just think, the beach, bikini, cocktail, HULA outfit, bonfire, cool sea water over your skin and SHAKE ITTTTTTT HULA STYLE with DRUMMMMMS and MARACAS, WOHOOOOOOOOOO, AI REEEEEEBA REEEEEEEEBA JAI JAI JAI……. OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Ronchi78 must get a swimming pool with some plants and a jacuzzi with a bar on the roof,  we can import beach sand ohhhhh and have beach parties all through summer…… fantastic IDEA, did I mention Giorgio Armani is looking for new models and they are installing video cameras all over Ronch78 to choose a few lucky girls, hehehehehe NOOOOOOO I’m joking, I just felt like giving everyone a minor heart attack for a second, sorry I am cruel I know, well nothing is impossible if you think about it…… pfffff nooooo I’m joking, I am just being amused that’s all…….

Allora, WOHOOOOO yes this is a new year and from tomorrow I will be excersisng with Laura so I will not be able to be at Ronchi so much anymore, maybe during the weekends perhaps and definitely when INLAND SEA is going to play, ohhhhhh I hope they come soon for a concert at Ronchi I cannot wait!!!!!

I am happy because everybody is smiling again in Ronchi’s and at home, ahhhh I just love it when everybody is happy, when everybody is happy I am happy and nobody needs to worry I will never disappear or leave nooooo I love everybody too much, I only disappear somehow when I am being treated badly or not appreciated or being taken advantage of and most of the time I don’t plan to leave, it just happens, I cannot leave where there is happiness,  joy and love, all is good and nobody needs to worry about a thing.

I have been paying a little bit of attention to the boys that has been entering Ronchi because well I am a woman but I don’t know, when it comes to romance I am old school and very stupid when it comes to hints or pick up lines, for example the other day a guy told me that when he looks at me I make him dizzy, so I replied “ohhh I am so sorry” and really being sorry because obviously I was thinking about healing methods or something constructive in my mind again, so this poor man looked puzzled at me and left, shame only after about 10 minutes I burst out laughing realising that the guy was using a pick-up line and giving me a compliment. uhahahahahaha I felt stupid, I am not used to guys being not sure or taking the lead. telling me straight and asking me out, being straight with me works but not by just meeting me telling me “hey I like you lets go to your room” that’s insane!!!!! One thing about me is, is that I love romance and being treated special obviously, every woman likes to feel like a princess and our butts sugar coated.
I am a very deep woman, a hopeless romantic and I love love, I love falling in love, I love the stars, candles, soft music, private dinner, slow dancing, slowwwwww hand, soft touch, kissed feverishly, my head then all dizzzzzy and smiling, then ufffffffffffffffffffff beautifullllll prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrFECT….. obviously waking up with a smile on my face feeling all fuzzy satisfied and de-flowered, hehehehehehe…… OHHHH DIO!!!!!!

Also for me when I meet a guy lately I think in the back of my head if everybody in Ronchi will approve of him, if everybody at home (Mirko, Laura, Pierepaolo, Edoardo, Ludivico etc) will approve of him, if the football team will approve of him and if there is one sign that someone might not approve I loose interest very quickly and I don’t know why I feel like this, its so strange. Sigh, I can start the Bachelorette here already ufffff (sigh).

OK I am going to stop writing now because I want to sleep…..

Buonna notte a tutti!!!!

Tanti baci e Amore Sempre!!!!!!

The young the old and the beautiful……

Ahhhh recently a great amount of love has been entering and filling My core, My chest area and it is because of the enormous amount of laughter and joy that old Italian grandmothers, amazing Italian mothers as well as children has been adding to my life and one particular baby boy that completely stole My heart and another 2 little boys, ouffff, little Ludovico, Edoardo and Pierepaolo, ahhhh the most content and happiest almost 7 month old boy, the cutest 5 year old Edo and the very responsible Pierre…. Priceless.

Babies are so increadible, the little features, hands and ohh my goodness the laughter, when a baby laughs to me it is the most beautiful and joyful sound in the world it makes me so excited and happy as well as warm, fuzzy and dizzy, ohhh too much love.

2 Nights ago, I was in Ronchi78 it was just before it was time to close for the night and the guests down stairs that was dancing and singing with Paolo the musician, drew their eveing to a close, they were paying their accounts and leaving.
Standing at the bar and greeting all the guests as they left this one amusing family caught My attention, ohh dear, it was a grandfather and grandmother that had an awesome evening with their children or grand children but they were all adults, hahahaha, the grandfather was smiling at me all the time and the grandmother was dancing and so full of life she just stole My heart, ahhhh.
Before this amazing little Italian woman left Ronchi she stopped when she saw me and asked me if I would be one of her son’s girlfriend, I told her ok because obviously she was joking, then she pointed to her son and asked me if I liked him hahahahahahaha, ohhh dear the son or grandson looked so embarrest and she was just too cute, hahahahahaha, BELLISSIMA!!!!!
Old people facinates me, they carry round within them almost one century’s knowledge and experiences, you can ask them anything. The grandmothers have almost one century of recipies stored in their minds as well as remedies, it is increadible like a walking living, caring, sweet adorable warm trustworthy gentle library and you can hug them, talk to them do things for them help them ahhhh it is beautiful.

About a month ago I was speaking to Mirko about My grandfather that has passed away because of cancer when I was 17. My relationship with My grandfather was very strange, for 17 years My grandfather never showed me affection or even spoke to me, yet I was his only grandaughter. My brother and myself Who was his only granchildren went to visit him every school holiday but he had his busineses so we never saw him.
One year before My grandfather passed away I knew that My time with him was limited so I thought to myself  “Enough is Enough, I am going to force him to speak and spend time with me, I am going to become his personal poltergeist” so I did, I started by sitting with him at the breakfast table every morning talking to him and asking him 20 0000 questions. His replies were short without feeling and he looked very confused. Sundays were the only day when he was not working and he was not a person that could sleep in the afternoon, me neither so he would go into the gerage looking at his new branch trimming toy’s and then walk round in the garden trimming the tree branches, so I would walk behind him picking up the branches that fell onto the ground after he cut them just to help him so that he does not have to bend afterwards to pick up all the branches. He noticed me following him and helping him then he would say in afrikaans “n bietjie beter met n bietjie botter”, it means directly translated “a little bit better with a little bit of butter”, meaning that it looks better now that it is trimmed. I thought that this rime was absolutely beautiful and I always walked behind him giggling every time he said this rhyming phrase, hehehehe he would smile as I would giggle.
I remember that the branches I collected as he would CUT them off of the trees had many thorns and these thorns were cutting My hands badly, but I did not care, the time with him was too precious to complain about My hands bleeding. My grandfather noticed the blood on My hands but said noting, he looked shocked after a while when he saw that after an hour of giggling behind him with really bloody hands and could not understand why I didnt care about the pain.
The time with him was far more precious to me than to worry about My freshly CUT bruises, from that moment our relationship started to develop, he was curious to know why this child would hurt herself to spend time with him, he wanted to get to know me. For my grandfather, he never knew that love does not cost a thing, he never knew that all he had to do and all I wanted from him was just to spend time with me, hehehehehe the last year of his life was wonderful but difficult, I finally had a real grandfather that loved me, ahhh he was so sweet and I could not stop spending time with him, his cancer killed me too, not to be able to help someone you love or to take away their pain killed me slowly, all I could do was be there for him 1000% for anything he needed, I massaged him on the painful areas but it didnt help, when he needed anything it was there it was done.

Our birthdays were two days apart, his birthday was on the 18th of October and mine is on the 20th of October he was exactly 50 years and two days older than me and I loved buying him presents, A year before he passed away for his birthday I baught him 2 work shirts one black and another dark blue he looked very good in dark colours and I would tell him that too, his last days those two shirts were the only two shirts he wore. He was always facinated with his gift bags I normally gave with his presents and 2 days afterwards on my birthday he would come with a very tiny gift bag and inside the little gift bag was money hehehehehe.
I also sent him an sms every morning before I went to school then in the afternoon he would give me money because of one simple sms, what I would do then is take the cash and buy chocolates as well as sweets cookies and milo, water etc and then we would have a picknick on his bed, hahahaha ahhh the memories of his last month are priceless but it killed me as I saw how the cancer took toll on him every day.
In the last year of his life I had to have incredibile self controll because his wife. My step grandmother treated him bad and it only got worse the weaker he got, the one day he asked his wife to please get his coat because he was feeling cold, ohhh I was sitting NeXT to him when she trew a fit walked out of the living room returned and trew his coat right into his face, ohhh dear God, anger arose in me like I have never felt before I wanted to se this woman being slowly tortured to death, but I kept My face staight and My voice pleasant and helped My grandfather to put on his coat. When someone is dying of an illness it is important to keep their environments as peaceful, happy, luxurious and joyful as much as humanly possible.
The one afternoon we were still having our picknick, he then took out all my lille gifts I gave him from when I was 7 years old. When I was 7 I gave him a little business card size black suitcase for all his business cards, that day he gave it back to me exactly as I gave it to him 10 years before, inside was still my 7 year old handwriting wishing him happy birthday,. for me that broke my heart because all the years I thought he did not care about me, he loved me, he just never knew how to show me, that day I knew and I was happy but sad, it was his gift I didn’t want it back, I wanted him to stay.

My grandfathers last days were terrible and I was exhausted, all he wanted was me, when I left or was not close he would look around in panick, so I stayed in his hospital room by his bed, rubbing his feet, rubbing his back, helping him eat, speaking to him, holding his hand. The morning before he passed I put right his daily boxers and vest, it was a white vest with red boxers the cartoon on the boxers were little devils and underneath it said naughty devil.
His last moments were strange, he kept looking at an empty corner in the room with a smile on his face while squeezing My hand with all his might, My hand was numb after a while but it did not matter.
While he was breathing his last breath I was telling him how much I loved him and that one day I will see him again, I also kissed the top of his head and rubbed his ears for the last time, I was the only one that could touch his ears, the last breath and the last look was not pretty so I walked out of the room emotionless, not crying not saying a word, I died again that day, there were no more tears, I was dried up, I had mo more emotion to be sad even I was just existing again.
The next day I went to go select his coffin and select the flowers because if I did not do this his wife would have chosen a shoe box if she could, just to pocket more money, disgusting pffff.

For me, if you hurt children, old people, Ill people or animals in front of me Uffff there is no words to describe how upset I feel, it is in my sight forbidden and not even thought of because I get too furious, if I had to be a cartoon character I would explode of fury and shoot the person with a shotgun afterwards feed him to the pigs then burn the bastard and poohp on his ashes. Sorry it’s just how I feel, I do not have the heart to actually do it, I cannot even hurt an ant conciously, I’m just describing my feelings.

Children and old people as well as Ill people and animals are so dependent on a physical person for comfort, help, as well as survival, they cannot be alone or look after themselves it is so important to be kind and look after these four groups of beings. They are innocent and need to be taken care of with love.

Oki doki I am exhausted and think that I have written quite a bit today…

I will write again soon..

Amore Sempre

While in Pisa…..

Allora 2 giorni va/fa (two days ago) WAIT MAMA MIA it took me two hours just to write this little part because I am thinking, singing, dancing, drinking vino rosso and remembering 20 000 000 things at once…… allora, allow me to organise my thoughts then I will write again…….. go to sleep, rest, smile and know this will be a magical year……


Dammi febre, quando baci mi ….. Hhehehehehehe.. Ooh Dio.

a perfect ending and a lovely start to a new year…………

Before the ending of 2010 I started to get a bit upset because Ronchi78 was too busy, there were too many people, every-time I entered no matter when, it was unbelievably full, it was not my peaceful heaven anymore it was Rome, it was insane it drove me crazy, I was really sad. Everybody let me know that Ronchi78 will be closed for one full week before during and after new years eve. Well I had to accept this obviously but I was in Ronchi78 almost the whole day before they closed for a whole week…. I was worried because I miss Ronchi just being one day away from it, it drives me crazy.

The last evening I spent in Ronchi78 of 2010 it was magical because it was finally peaceful, it is as if heaven granted me Ronchi the end of the year with the same tranquility as I entered it.
It was wonderful, there was not many people, the atmosphere was very peaceful, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, the atmosphere was very relaxed the lights were soft and everybody was very tranquil.
There were one table where the family was from Spain but spoke with British accents, then there the architect of Ronchi and his beautiful sweet wife also a man from Holland I could comfortably speak to in my mother tongue without a problem it was magical I loved it. There were no craziness what so ever, everybody was relaxed, Max who is obviously a brilliant artist, guitar player and singer entertained all the guests with music, there were also a boy from France or somewhere that also plays guitar where Max took out the Maracas, ohhh how I love the Maracas……….. it was absolutely beautiful, what a perfect ending to the year 2010 with Ronchi78, I loved it very much!!!!

New years was amazing, ahhh wow nobody has ever eaten before, before eating in Italy the way Italians cook and eat oh dear, unbelievable! Everything you have ever read about Italian cuisine is absolutely true. The food they make in Ronchis most of the time is like art work, Italy is an art everybody is an artist whether you produce food, whether you write songs and sing it just even on the street, it is unbelievable, its like everybody is born with artistic talent.

In the start of the new year after the actual new years eve I went to Pisa to visit a friend, ohh dear the Tower is really skew and it is really small too, I expected, coming from Milan and Rome for it to be bigger, it was not, it was really tiny but beautiful… Everything was tiny the town, the tower oh but the coastal drive was absolutely beautiful  too, we took a drive to Chinque Terre which was incredible….

At the moment Ronchi78 is open again and all my decorations are gone, sigh, and everybody look s sad all of the sudden or very tired or something, nobody is smiling that much and some have the fever, hehehehehehe…. Laura and I have been laughing ourselves almost silly because she cannot speak or understand English and I now understand Italian but actually putting phrases together is still a bit difficult for me. Yesterday she asked me in Italian how you say fever in English, I told her and she she said “ahhhhhh” and started to sing the song “fever” from Elvis Presley or Micheal Buble hahahahahahaha. For Laura it is very difficult to pronounce English words,  just even the basics like “hallo how are you” and then also to respond she has difficulty to pronounce “I am fine thank you” its really funny, so I told her to remember Captain Hook, “arrrrrrrrr mateeees” now every-time she asks me “how arrrrrrrrrrrre you” she is adding the sound of captain hook as well as forming her hand into a hook when she says it.
Two days ago we were sitting with little 6 month old Ludovico on the bed and she was singing to lite Ludo “Batti batti le mani” clapping his hands together, so she asked me how to say “batti le mani” in English, at that moment I had no idea that “batti le mani” meant “clap your hands” eventually I figured out that “batti”means clap and Laura showed the meaning of “mani” by rubbing her index fingers as well as her thumbs together so I thought “mani” meant “money”, so we were sitting on the bed singing to Ludovic “clap clap for money” hahahahahaha it did not even rhyme and I thought that “wow Italians sings strange songs to their babies”,  it was really very funny I almost pee’d in my pants that is how much I laughed.
Allora, I don’t know, there is not one day that passes in my life where I do not laugh or smile, for me it is impossible to go through one day without laughing or being amused, I love my life it is beautiful magical as well as absolutely unpredictable.

Allora my power is running low, I will write again soon….


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