Inland Sea Concert Ciao Regazzi…… As you now now, Inland Sea will be performing in Ronchi78 Milan Italy on the 09t h of February 2011. This concert is really so important for me because even just the band members are all amazing, everybody that helped Inland Sea with their CD is amazing and now everybody […]

Happy confusion…

As most of you may know by now, Inland Sea will be performing in Ronchi78 on the 9th of February 2011. This Concert will be an unforgettable evening for all Who will attend, because Inland Sea is really really amazing. Not just really really amazing but excellent. Alright I know, you have not heard of them […]


Ciao a tutti…. Ahhhh I love you all, ohhh dear I had such a relaxing day, I laughed a lot watching old movies and allora I giggled myself awake again this morning, It happens sometimes, pfffff I cannot help it and I don’t know what I dream to laugh myself awake in the mornings because […]

The young the old and the beautiful……

Ahhhh recently a great amount of love has been entering and filling My core, My chest area and it is because of the enormous amount of laughter and joy that old Italian grandmothers, amazing Italian mothers as well as children has been adding to my life and one particular baby boy that completely stole My […]

While in Pisa…..

Allora 2 giorni va/fa (two days ago) WAIT MAMA MIA it took me two hours just to write this little part because I am thinking, singing, dancing, drinking vino rosso and remembering 20 000 000 things at once…… allora, allow me to organise my thoughts then I will write again…….. go to sleep, rest, smile […]

a perfect ending and a lovely start to a new year…………

Before the ending of 2010 I started to get a bit upset because Ronchi78 was too busy, there were too many people, every-time I entered no matter when, it was unbelievably full, it was not my peaceful heaven anymore it was Rome, it was insane it drove me crazy, I was really sad. Everybody let me know […]

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