Month: February 2011


I have not been writing, I don’t know where to write or what, I could tell you everything but everything right now is really confusing…. I could be the middle of a world war and I wont know that I am in a world war because I don’t fight, I don’t get angry and if I do get really upset I speak really fast and the tone of my voice rises so high that the person I am upset with bursts out laughing out load, then I laugh back because I love laughing hehehehe…. pffff. I am just always me, because I know who I am and the world tried to change me once, it did not work, I love myself and as long as I can be myself, smiling through thick and thin, as long as I am allowed to giggle for better or for worse as long as I can make a joke or say something really strange that amuses the hell out of me until death does me part I am happy.

I am really a very simple honest person with simple needs I assume a simple honest and clear approach will be appreciated…. but ohh well

what has been happening at Ronchi78?


I did have a strange request that I could not fulfill just before Inland Sea concert, Giacomo asked me to please get strange people like me in for the concert, that request was really difficult well it was impossible because I don’t know anybody like me really, to find someone like me might take much longer than 3 weeks…….. It might take even forever. So I did fail at that request I apologize.

Everybody has been asking me lately what my plans are for the future, As far as my plans for the future goes, I never make plans I only follow my heart and the feathers because I tried for long to plan my life in the past and it never happened as I planned it, normally everything works out for the best for everybody envolved because my intentions are always pure…. even now I have no plan Im just enjoying my life and writing as well as spending time with 3 little angels so let me be….. I am exhausted, seriously it feels to me like for the first time in 13 years I can relax and breathe and not worry about anything, I don’t know why I feel like this but I do…. I am really happy, even hopelessly clueless of what is really happening but ohhh well, I cannot forse anyone to talk…

I have been thinking and I truly want to start writing about the musicians in Ronchi78 which is also part of Palbert Music… I spend time at Ronchi78 with all these musicians and I want you to get to know them too, they are all great performers as well as such beautiful people on the inside, ahhhh bellissimo!!!!!

For the next few weeks I will be writing about these musicians and what magic they have contributed and still contribute to my life.

To be truly honest this piece was difficult for me to write because my feelings and mind is not completely balanced or knows what is happening but now I decided that “QUE SERA SERA, WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE” so I am going to relax and just play CALCIO, Ohhhh I love playing calcio with the kids, truly!!!!!!

Ooh there are beautiful rides like a theme park at Castello. I am going to go now.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tanti baci!!!!!

The Concert…….

You know sometimes just before you meet people you really could not wait to meet and you have this whole picture in your mind of how it would be, how you want it to be, the first sight, you practice your best look before the time, your best way to greet, you have this whole picture in your head of how the first meeting is going to be and you are all excited, your heart races faster, emotions of excitement just keeps on stirring and stirring so much that you want to yell out loud and bounce off of the planet, well…….
……that is how I felt last night when I was getting ready in the bathroom in front of the mirror and these feelings of incredible excitement just became stronger the closer I got to Ronchi78 for the concert……
I walked from home to the Concert last night because of the fresh air and the fact that there were so many things going through my mind, fears, hopes, meeting the band for the first time whether some important people were going to be at the concert, for me, I never think or worry about myself or what I want as long as everybody is happy around me I am happy, yet sometimes its difficult to make people happy because people want too much sometimes, expect too much too soon and It does make a person tired, I can imagine being in a band and (trust me performing in front of a handful people is much more stressful than performing in front of a big group of people) also just wanting to give your fans your best, THAT IS WHY I MUST SAY COMPLIMENTS TO INLAND SEA, last night they performed without the violinist very very extremely well, It was absolutely beautiful and I had goosebumps all over me all the time. Truly you are excellent Inland Sea.
So as I entered Ronchi78 last night expecting to see the band first, I didn’t because they were downstairs eating,  so now already practicing my entrance and the first look the pose and the greeting were now not possible anymore so now I had to go to pose, smile and greeting PLAN B…. there were no PLAN B hehehehhe ohhh dear so I just went with the flow of things….
I was waiting for friends obviously important, they did not show but it didn’t stop me from being happy, I was disappointed but I understood because it was a week night and people has to work difficult thinking professions so they need rest, I understand completely…..
While I was waiting peacefully downstairs at the table to meet the band, people started to fill the room and I was worried that the band was just going to start performing without talking to me so  I got up, swallowed once, exhaled and walked to the other section of the restaurant where the band was sitting.
As I entered I saw and met the band Inland Sea and WOW Paolo Spada Really looks very young for his age it is incredible, I wonder what cream he uses? or what his secret is? Its true, things here are not normal, everything here are so backwards especially me, its really unbelievable. Giorgio the Pianist in the band has this incredible beautiful pair of blue eyes, also a Cardiologist like Paolo, but you can see that they are very sweet and kind people, truly absolutely amazing Characters and very deep, shy though but only in new company, I am sure they are loads of fun when you know them personally for a while,  one big festive cantare e ballare PARTY!!!!!
Paolo is a gentleman very sweet and extremely deep person, he is sensitive, handsome obviously smart, has a sense of humor writes and performs music with passion, its amazing I am blown away with this band actually, WOW…….!!!!!!
Giorgio Poletto is very shy, at first I thought he was strange, hehehehe, we were talking and he told me that he felt like a cigarette, he then showed me his electric cigarette but told me that sometimes he feels like a normal cigarette, I can understand that he was nervous just before he would perform but he really looked very eager for the cigarette, his mind was on tobacco planet so I stood there trying to find him a cigarette, hehehehe it was amusing to me….. after the concert he came up where I was sitting at the corner table alone and he was really happy I was talking too much and too fast and exactly like Max normally does he just sat looking at me in amusement laughing while I was babbling away talking about everything…… Obviously I was so excited to meet them for the first time and It felt like the time was too short to really get to know them so you try savor up every detail and every movement, the other two band members I did not even get a chance to talk to once and I feel very guilty about that, I was really so happy last night, I tried not to smile at times, but it was really difficult for me.
The music ohh my goodness, it was absolutely incredible……. I did notice the difference without the violinist, the violin really adds a great deal to the music, the song “come to me now” did not sound the same at all without the violin, the violin has a very powerful effect on that particular song not just on the music but also on Paolo’s voice when he sings, yet COMPLIMENTS, because like any good artists, when you are good you can perform without anything anywhere anytime…. it was truly BEAUTIFUL, and they even had MARACAS Wohooooo!!!!!!!! Ahhhh I love the Maracas, I must say I really love their drums and the drummer knows what he is doing……. Goosebumps I tell you all over……
As always when there are an enormous amount of joy inside of me I cannot sit still because when I sit still my joy comes from my stomach and I smile more and more and giggle more and more, I glow actually and I cannot help it or hide it, I sometimes disguise it with a glass or two of wine so that people think I am a little bit tipsy and think that I am tipsy starry eyed smiling,  nooo actually its my disguise lately, I really don’t know where all this happiness is coming from really, I have been laughing and giggling myself awake even, I am serious, I am not joking…… pffffff allora,
As I was running around everywhere in Ronchi78 last night because I have too many happy feelings and did not know how to deal with them all at once, I heard a familiar heavenly sound, the melody was peaceful, it was like a peaceful rain of words that filled my ears and pulled my spirit down the steps towards the band where Inland sea sang another favorite song of mine called “Rain of Words”, it was absolutely beautiful, ahhh all off the excitement in me turned to complete inner peace for the entire song….. afterwards my happy pack was charged again and I am still happy at this moment the happiness still has not gone allora…… maybe I am ET’s sister who knows, I am really frightened to try point my finger to the sky, I am really afraid the top part of my finger will actually glow hahahaha…. I’m just kidding hehehehehe I already pointed my finger to the sky, it did not glow don’t worry….
Truly If you have not heard the music of Inland Sea please do visit their website  their CD called “Things Change” can also be bought on ITUNES, when you visit their website you will find all the necessary information.
Furthermore I was really happy with the concert for me it was really beautiful, I hope that for two of the Directors of Palbert Music, Giacomo Bertacci and Mirko Paletti that was there last night aswell,  that they too were happy and pleased, ahhh I just want everybody to be happy, if you are a man know that you are fortunate because it is so difficult to be a woman sometimes, we care too much, we have so many emotions and just wants everybody to be pleased, nurtured, smiling, peaceful and extremely happy.
…..Once again I was bedazzled by Inland Sea….. in Ronchi78
I am tired now, I want to sleep but…….
I will write again soon….
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