Running with Angels

Hello my darlings

My book called: Running with Angels will be available as an ebook to be purchased within the next month.

Running with Angels was inspired by Ronchi78, Mirko and Giacomo. Ronchi78 and Milan is my heart and always will be.

My book called Running with Angels is a book with 3 sections… The first section is about the importance of basic health… The second section is about spiritual health and points of forming your life to be more open, trusting as well as grow in a beautiful person you so badly want to be but never had the information how to…. The third section covers the energy and the important laws of the Universe one of them being the law of attraction.
The last chapter allows you to know how basic physical health which is physical, mental and emotional, flows beautifully into Spiritual health to be open to change, accept and all of the beautiful emotions that is not possible to feel without spiritual growth.
These two first sections then flows and connects with the third section focussing on the laws of attraction and to be able to positively manifest true happiness, success and prosperity in ones life. 

This project, my book called: Running with Angels has been a big project and my intention here is for you to read it and to be a full, happy, healthy and beautiful person that you so desire to be but never had the proper information to achieve this. I truly hope that you will read it and move forward in life to be the happiest and unique person that you were born to be and is. I love you all unconditionally. Tanti

Baci e Amore Semore

Marilette Barnara van Heerden

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