Some words of wisdom…

Good morning my darlings….

I wish that I could share with you what I think about on a daily basis, I wish that the beautiful world in my mind can also manifest into reality…. A world of unconditional love, it is very beautiful, a world of peace…

I have received some feedback being asked why I am so positive and joyful all the time, it is believed that because of my age I have not experienced any hardship in my life and for this reason I am blessed to be joyful all of my days….

Unfortunately, these assumptions are very false. I am joyful and happy because of all my hardships in my past, understanding them as learning experiences, accepting these challenges as learning experiences and then paying attention to simplicity, appreciating all that have been, that is and that is to come.

You see my darlings, yes I may be 24 years old and in the eyes of the world and it is not possible for people to understand the life I have lived, my experiences was not preferred and I had to show courage, I had to cry, I was angry and all of these terrible things in my past. The point is, is that I lived through it all and because I broke through the most horrible circumstances, experienced things in my past I wish upon no enemy of mine, I know that nothing is ever as bad as it may seem because if one have experienced the worst, then every challenge thereafter seems like a small stepping stone. This is the reason I am smiling and joyful every day because it is not possible for my heart to feel as crushed end lifeless like it once was and every experience thought me to be wiser and not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Experiences and hardships only forms us to be stronger and happier in the future, so whatever feels like a life or death situation is not at all. So be peaceful…. life is beautiful.

Remember that there is always something positive and beautiful on the horizon that we cannot yet see and there is always a solution to any problem.

Now that I have shared this with all of you I feel happier.

I wish you all a beautiful day and smile because when you give a smile you will receive a smile 🙂

Tanti baci e amore sempre….

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