Thoughts of inspiration….

I have had the most beautiful thoughts as an Author the past couple of days…..

If you have read my book Running with angels you will be knowing that I had lost most of my family at a very young age. In return I received materialistic things for my loss and had learned from a very young age that no Miracle or Kingdom of wealth can bring them back to me.
I have grieved,  rebelled and realized that whatever had been lost could be restored by manifesting my own family in the future. I live to have a family one day. I succeed with the mere thought of it.

During the years I cried whenever I achieved or had a special Birthday, wanting to share my special days with my passed loved ones, hoping that they could share with me a hug and a word of love and knowing that they were proud of me.

The thoughts of a manuscript waiting inside of my heart that will be written in the future is that of a pregnancy of a blessing child that will come from my womb. A 9 month journal entry and a story of how much I love the child unconditionally before she or he was born, a manuscript for all mothers and a learning experience to prevent young women for becoming pregnant without the knowledge of how to truly look after another before the knowledge of finding themselves, caring for themselves first before taking on such responsibility. A complete study during the 9 month, based on children’s health and happiness combined with my fears, hopes and love for the little being.

The purpose for this future manuscript will be all that I have intent for it especially knowing that one day after my time is up on this planet my future child will know how much I love him or her unconditionally, how proud I am of him or her before the day they were even born and it will be a script that will live on from generation to generation. An unconditional love so strong that it will be able to manifest love ongoing for many, many years to come

I have a passion for health and light and giving it freely to the world. What the world needs now is love, peace and construction. How to manifest this is starting at the beginning. Whether it be bringing back innocence to oneself or blessing and teaching children the love, the light and the positive. With unconditional love we manifest success and all good in this world.

This is an inspirational thought from above once again and I simply wanted to share it with all of you. The thought itself is magical to me.

My second manuscript will be going through publication soon called Ronchi78: It’s a kind of magic. Its a beautiful true life and inspirational story that will encourage you to follow your heart, be yourself and to know that all things are possible.

I wish you all a magical day filled with blessings, joy and unconditional love. Know what you give you will receive, give a smile and positive outside of yourself and you will receive it back abundantly.

My love always…

Tanti baci e amore sempre

Marilette Barbara van Heerden

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