Running with angels Section 3 Chapter 16: Belief systems, Positive and Negative thoughts

Now what are belief systems? Belief systems are those core beliefs we grow up with and that is taught to us by our parents, grandparents and social circles. It was what was thought to you and showed to you. Actions you must remember are energy fueled too so whatever actions and feelings you were taught as a child, your subconscious stores as being the way of being as well as acting and believing.
What were taught to you as a young child for example: right and wrong, good and bad, yes and no which are your values and morals your subconscious mind believes and is imprinted into your subconscious mind of being.
The question here you need to ask yourself is, are you stuck; feel trapped and believe that you cannot follow your heart, dreams and intuition because of your own belief systems? Most probably you are.
The only belief systems ever taught by God is the Ten Commandments and the most important belief system is to love yourself and then to love others like yourself. The rest of the belief systems taught and made by man is really ridiculous that will only keep your heart, soul and mind caged and you my dear reader will end up one day looking back in regret simply because of false belief systems.
Our subconscious belief systems overpowers our thought processes, when we believe negative things and things that keep us as humans caged we will simply think according to what we believe and what we think, we feel and attract.
Belief systems are also engraved into our subconscious by hearing words over and over again about ourselves. By repeating and hearing words and things about ourselves as well as our surroundings we eventually start to believe it.
Allow me to give you a few powerful examples about belief systems that are keeping you from moving forward in your life:
You were told as a child that you are not worthy and that you will never succeed, that you are silly, stupid or not good enough to achieve, that you are ugly and not good enough. These are words very destructive to children because children trusts whatever and whomever and believe whatever is told to them and those words of negativity can stick into a child’s mind believing this and eventually starts to think it, then lives it. Belief systems follows us wherever we go and into our futures as adults so if you still believe you are not worthy because of negative words about yourself while you were growing up, do not worry I will explain to you in the next chapter how to change your negative belief systems into positive ones to think and live a better life from now on.
Another powerful example is,   what we were shown to us as children, if you were beaten and abused your subconscious stores these negative behaviours as acceptable and “right”, you believe that this is how to act, when you believe it you will think it, feel it and attract it over and over again in your life. Do you truly feel that you are acting in a way, shown to you as a child, you are experiencing the same destructive behaviours in your adulthood but do not know how to change? It is simply an imprinted negative belief system that you need to change into positive.
Religions also teach many different belief systems, for instance one religion says that you must get married and that you must stay in that marriage until death does you part no matter how unhappy you are, it teaches you that we need to stay in this unhappy relationships because of your children because your children needs two parents. What are you actually doing here? You are unhappy and only grow more and more unhappy, your spouse feels this unhappiness and your children then gets taught that marriages are not happy and they will fear marriage in their future or follow in your unhappy footsteps. I am not rooting for divorce but marriage has been taken less seriously within the last 50 years. Marriage is seen as a duty lately and not done for its true meanings. Marriage is a union of two people that loves one another unconditionally, it is a compromise and construction of dreams, your spouse is there to nurture you when you feel ill, to love you just as you are without trying to change you at all, you are not there to prove your love to your spouse by what you can give. True love is unbreakable and only grows stronger over time.
Basically when you are a victim of a relationship that is not working and has not been working over time and you are staying because you believe it is the right thing to do and because that is how you have been taught, you are mistaken my dear. What you must know is that when you are true to your heart and your feelings, you are truly happy and it is happiness that you then teach your children. When you are truly happy you inspire all around you to be happy and that is what is more important, know that your children love you unconditionally and want your happiness as much as you want their happiness. Falling in love is wonderful of course and the idea of a big white wedding is beautiful, just be wise enough to know your partner well before making such big promises. The roots of all relationships are trust, acceptance, understanding, open and clear communication and planning, honesty, unconditional love, nurturing and construction to grow together as one until death does you part and with these tools of love when they are rooted deeply between two people, yes get married.
All that you must know here is that God will never condemn you for following your heart because God actually communicates to you through your heart and intuition. God loves you unconditionally and He knows that we as humans make mistakes. If you have never spoken to Him really, this is a great possibility that you could have never heard Him communicating to you through your intuition because you have never asked Him if you were doing the right thing or asked Him to help you find your way or for any help. Listen to your heart because that is where your true happiness lies for yourself, your loved ones and your future.
Another powerful belief system is that we are taught to believe to look perfect to be accepted, too look and act perfect that is taught to us via the media. These belief systems are very destructive because it breaks down most peoples self-value and self-esteem and people spend so much money to try and look like what the media tells us to look like instead of expressing our own individualities. It makes you tired trying so hard, because you just cannot exactly look like the world tells you to look like. It breaks down your self-esteem and makes you angry. What you must know here is that you are perfect and beautiful in your own unique way, there are so many people that love you just as you are most importantly God. Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are made to be unique, to be your wonderful self and to stand out and shine your true self from within?
These belief systems taught to us by the media is also very destructive to our youth and health in general. People undergo dangerous surgeries; drink medications and young teenagers die because of eating disorders. Change your belief system to loving and accepting yourself just the way you are.
A very important belief system I want to highlight here as well is the belief system about money and power. Everybody believes that when you are wealthy you are happy; everybody believes that the only way to become wealthy is to either work yourself half to death or to corrupt. By work I mean is that you take on so many jobs that you do not like, you are unhappy and you become more negative thinking that your only goal is to be wealthy because wealth will set you free. My dearest reader when you believe this I feel sorry for you, because Money can never buy happiness or freedom. Never in your life. What it can do is give you an illusion that you are important, and it can create many false loves and pretences into your life but it can never buy you true love, joy and happiness.
My Grandfather I always saw when I was growing up but I never knew him and he never knew me. He was a business man and he worked his life away. When he was diagnosed with cancer the most expensive medical insurances failed him. He had not been the kindest man throughout his life. When he realised that his medical insurances could not help him, he stopped for a moment and reviewed his life.
I of course knew that I must prepare to say goodbye to another family member and I started to spend time with my grandfather not caring if he wanted me too or not. I would just be there and help him in any way I could, showing him without words that I love him unconditionally. Eventually he started to pay more attention to me, he started to realise that the most important people that accepted him and loved him unconditionally he took for granted all his life because of money and power. In the end, about a month before he passed away, our relationship grew so strong, we spent afternoons having picnics on his bed, I would help him in any way I could just to see if he was alright because I loved him even though he never paid attention to me while I was growing up.
At his death bed he only wanted me, I stayed awake the whole night by his hospital bed, rubbing his feet with cream because it was swollen and the next morning I prepared his clothes for him for the day. He died 13:00pm on the 27th of October 2004 and all I could do was to kiss his head as he was passing away, rubbing his hair telling him that I love him very much.
The last month of his life he came to terms with what was more important. He’s health and the ones that love him most unconditionally.
He died a rich man in his heart because he found truth and unconditional love, laughter and joy just before he died.
I wanted to point this belief system out to you for you to realise some important things in your own life and for you to know that it is wise to be willing to change these beliefs before it is a little too late for you.
The most important belief system I want to point out to you is the belief of what love truly is.
I have noticed many times that when I say to somebody “I love you loads” They assume that I want sexual romance with them, no that is not what love means, love means just loving you unconditionally for who you are and accepting you for who you are. Telling a special partner that you love them has a different meaning then but there are so many different forms of love it is ridiculous to only attach love to sex and romance. For instance you tell your child, your friends, your parents you love them, are you then suggesting to your family and friends that you want some strange sexual fun play with them, (ehehehe laugh) no because it is ridiculous. You see, there are so many different forms of love. Love is not just one thing…, No!  Love is all good and beautiful feelings in this world. Love is the only thing that truly exists, the rest are illusions made up by the mind and the world.
I was once present at a group meeting, where the psychologist asked the many ladies in the room what love was, many of them had the strangest responses. It was insane, my mouth fell open and I eventually had to get up and walk out of the room. The one woman said that love is when your partner abuses you and tells you that he loves you, that is just his way of expressing love. When I heard this while I was supposed to sit in silence, words flew from my mouth because that my dear reader, that is not love. I then realised that how can healing in this world take place if the most important and most powerful energy in this world is not even understood and properly taught. No wonder people are falling into depression. Love is all good actions, all good words that you give to others and that you feel and hear from others. If there is no good in what you show or do for another it is not love.
Read 1 Chronicles 13 in the bible because that is all you need to learn. Love is all good, it is acceptance, kindness, compassion, sweetness, forgiveness, love is all the emotions you feel that makes you happy and joyful. Love is laughter, beautiful memories; love is healing and builds you as well as inspires you to be the best you can be. Truly the only way we can truly fully love is to start by ourselves first as I have already mentioned in the previous section.
You must learn to love, accept and forgive yourself completely first before you can even think of loving others fully and be the best that you can be for others. You must know that whatever wrong you have done in the past is done; there is nothing you can ever confess that will make heaven love you less. Forgive yourself, accept yourself for the beautiful person you truly are, start to love yourself completely, forgive and forget your past, look ahead and move forward with the new you. That is love, so live in love, light and goodness and be happy.
Overall you must just know the difference between love and darkness. All that makes you truly happy,  that also inspires, heals and brings joy to you and most people in this world around you is the right way and all that destructs and makes you feel negative (wrong) feelings, think negative,  bad thoughts and act destructively, negative and wrong is the wrong way.   
After explaining to you your subconscious belief systems, you most probably realise that all of your thoughts comes from your subconscious whether you pay attention to your thoughts or not. Now you most probably also realise that all of the times you tried so hard to practice the law of attraction why it did not exactly work properly or at all.
You thought positive thoughts, but because your subconscious mind believed negative things, your subconscious won all the time leaving you negative and hopeless once again.
To be able to use the law of attraction effectively is to change your belief system from negative to positive. In the next chapter I will help you to do this, it is very simple and it only takes 30 minutes to an hour a day for as long as it takes you to be able to believe positive and then to attract the positive and good into your life. Always remember that hard work pays off and that practice makes perfect.
So follow me into the last two chapters for you and the new you. Smile because changing your belief system is not difficult. It is simply a steady progress to a new and happier you.

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