Running with angels, Section 1, Chapter 5: Senses and the mind

There is a saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness, to be honest Godliness stretches it a little bit but it is true, it is important not just to take care of your body but also your surroundings.
We have senses which are our sight, our hearing, our tastes, our touch and our smell. Our senses are extremely important for relaxation, not only for our muscles and body but for our minds as well.
Everything that we hear, see, feel, touch, taste and smell either has a positive effect or negative affect on our emotions and moods.
Relax for a moment right there where you are sitting, light one of your favorite incense sticks of choice or go and pick your most favorite flower in your garden, close your eyes and inhale the beautiful scent.
Look at pictures or images that are positive where people are happy and smiling or a simple image of a beach where you can see the bright blue waves breaking against the shore.
Run yourself a lukewarm bubble bath and lay in the fresh, clean, warm and bubbly water and pay attention to the bubbles bursting and dissolving against your skin.
Play beautiful, peaceful and calming music with words that only inspire and feel how your whole body relaxes with the Devine melodies calming your mind, your emotions and your spirit. Whether it is classical music or Nat King Cole singing about love, whatever your choice in melodies or sounds that makes you happy, peaceful and calm.
Go to the kitchen and prepare yourself a delicious dish of your choice, pay attention to the way you touch the food, cut the food and prepare the food.
Sit down and truly taste all the herbs, spices, textures of the dish you prepared, pay attention to the different tastes, how the tastes change and envelopes in your mouth.
All of these senses which I have just pointed out to you have a way of relaxing your whole body. All that is needed is for you to simply start paying attention to your surroundings. 
Simply by imagining what I have written above already made you peaceful, realize how peaceful you are now where you are sitting, it is a beautiful feeling don’t you think?
I want you to imagine something else now, imagine the smell of death and decay. Imagine looking at pictures and images where people are only in pain, heartache and suffering. Imagine loud heavy metal music where people sing of destruction, hate and screaming like demonic entities in your ears. Imagine going home after a hard day of work opening your front door and all is unorganized, dusty, and dirty. Imagine touching your own skin and it feels dry, dehydrated and rough.
Pay attention now to your body and how by just imagining the above made you feel and in what type of mood you are now.
Right now I only told you to imagine the positive you can give your senses as well as the negative. Your body already reacted while you were merely reading. By visualizing experiencing both good as well as the bad I pointed out above have already had a powerful effect on your emotions and mood.
I never really knew how powerful our senses are to our minds and emotions until the day I started to pay attention.
The day I realized what an affect simply music have on my moods and emotions, I had to test the theory further. I realized that whenever I listened to heavy metal music and music with depressing negative words in it, I became angry for no apparent reason. When I listened to seductive love songs, I felt like making passionately love to someone. Whenever I listened to Nat King Cole, I fell in love with life and it felt like I was floating while I was walking, I would constantly smile and whoever came close to me or spoke to me I made peaceful and happy too.
You may have never known this but your surroundings you choose to be in has very powerful affects on your mind through your senses. Every pleasant smell you smell – every film, everything your eyes see, every texture you feel, every texture or fabric that connects with your skin, all foods and beverages connecting with your taste buds as well as the different textures on your tongue – either has a positive, good, relaxing and joyous effect on you or a negative, angry, destructive and bad affect on you. Once you realize the affect and the importance of your senses adding to your mood and emotions you will realize that not only do you owe it to your body and mind to be loved by you and to be healthy, but you will realize that you owe love, kindness and beauty to your senses too by changing your surroundings, to use all of your senses, that has only positive, relaxing, beautiful and peaceful affects on your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Our senses constitute the doors to the outside world, which when the doors are opened, the entrance of messages from that world connects with us.
Have you ever stopped to think how completely dependent you are on your senses for your knowledge, experiences as well as your objects of thought?
People normally take it all for granted and fail to perceive the importance of these senses. Only when one or more of these senses fail us we begin to realize the importance of theses senses and sensations as a whole.
It is only when we stop to think how completely shut in, and shutout, we would be if all our senses were destroyed, that we begin to realize just how dependent we are upon the senses and sensations for our knowledge, our thoughts, our feelings, our general mental life and being.
Allow me to explain to you the effects of your senses one by one on your mind, body and spirit.
The sense and perception of vision
The sense of sight is regarded as the highest in scale of evolved senses. It manifests through the most complex organism and nerve-arrangement.
The sense of sight operates by means of registering the sensations of the intensity of the light waves, and the color vibrations thereof. The eye does not touch or feel the outside objects in order to “see” them, instead it “touches” or “feels” the vibrations of the light waves coming in contact with the nervous matter of the organ in sight.
People pay more closely attention to some senses than others and the reason for this is, is the difference of the degree of interest, attention as well as practice.
Ordinary artists distinguish fine shades, tints and hues of colors that are imperceptible to the ordinary person. A person for instance who are familiar with engraving will detect the most minute points of difference in prints and engravings. People familiar with engraved banknotes are able to detect counterfeits at a glance, even in cases where the ordinary eye fails to detect the slightest difference from the original.
The more we use a particular sense, the stronger it develops. Several well-known artists had developed their visual perception to such a high degree that they would gasp all the little points of a person’s appearance at one glance and afterward be able to reproduce it with paint on a canvas as an exact replica. There are many examples that I can supply you with and I can go on writing for days and you could go on reading forever however the visual perception I would like to tell you about is the perception that has a positive as well as negative impact in and around your life.
As you already now know, we learn and take in information in through our senses, even our belief systems are formed by means of our senses. We are all unique in all ways and we all perceive our visual world differently.
The question is how well do you pay attention to what you are actually seeing and forcing yourself to see?
A while ago I traveled to Milan for a little holiday that ended up in a very long holiday. It was by far the best holiday I have ever had. Every experience was absolutely magical and I most definitely used all of my senses because everything was new and different to me.
My visual perception was by far the sense I had to use the most. From looking at architecture, at art and then also paying close attention to body language as well as reading body language because I could not speak or understand the Italian language at all.
I can remember the first time I saw the Duomo of Milan for the first time; my whole body froze as stood in front of this incredibly beautiful Cathedral, carved in character that took my breath away. The Duomo has so much carved stories into it just on the outside; my mind could not exactly come to terms with what it was seeing. For me seeing such passion and beauty carved into one cathedral made me fall madly in love with it. When you are interested or in love with something or someone you seem to pay closer attention to it or them. It was not just the Duomo that had me captivated but every single statue, every single building, the parks and a restaurant called Ronchi78 in the center of Milan.
In my mind, my eyes saw my heaven; the City Milan became my heaven on earth where I can just walk around all day feeling like I was floating on a cloud paying close attention to everybody and everything around me. Walking in Milan, spending time in Milan and just looking at everything all day long made me peaceful and unbelievably happy inside. I was happy all day long, I was so happy that I even started to help the poor people on the streets giving them food and inspirational notes for them to be and think more positive. (It sounds funny, I know, but I did not know what else to give them. Hehehe)
You as reader might think that this is strange; I suppose everybody does but it was this remarkable visual experience that made me act on the way Milan made me perceive it.
After spending time with the local people in Milan I realized that they did not see what I saw, they were used to it all and I could not believe it actually because the entire time I was in Milan, every time I saw the Duomo or a statue I was in love all over again. I did not just visually perceive this beauty but I grew to love it, pay close attention to it and appreciate it.
I know and have known for a long time that paying attention in life is important. The only way one can pay attention is by using your senses.
Think about your partner or your spouse, in the beginning when you met you saw each other, you fell in love with that person because you were paying attention, you paid close attention to every move, every smile, the starry look in their eyes when they look at you, the kind movements towards you, their appearance, their taste in clothing, their ways of doing things and you were captivated merely in the presence and vision of this person. Whenever this person smiled you automatically smiled too, whenever you saw this person worried or tired you were worried too, you feel burst of love and excitement just seeing your partner. Simply paying attention can deepen love and romance.
Imagine that you are standing on a landscape you love most, whether it be the beach or a forest, you look at the waves breaking or you look at the green in the forest and you feel at peace inside, everything you see and take in gives you a sense of appreciation and fulfillment, it makes you happy, it rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit in every single way. 
Seeing things around you have a complete affect on your mood and wellbeing. When you see somebody getting hurt or being hurt, your body as well as feelings experience different, frightened, angry, sad or revengeful emotions that only adds more stress to your life and can be hazardous to your health and wellbeing.
You must remember that you choose what to see and not to see, stay clear from sights that makes you feel lower and negative moods and chose to see only good and positive in your daily life. There is always a positive to see in any negative so choose your sight wisely and see only the positive. 
The sense and perception of Hearing
The sense of hearing manifests by means of delicate nerve terminating in the inner part of the ear. The eardrum vibrates in response to the air-vibrations or sound waves reaching it from the outside. These vibrations are intensified, and the auditory nerve-ends take up the impression and pass it on to the brain. Sound-waves are sensed according to their characteristics of pitch, intensity, quality and harmony.
Sound-perception is likewise capable of being trained and developed to the same remarkable degree as sight-perception.
It is plain to see by observing those whose occupations require such keen perception of sound. The cases of skilled musicians occur to you at once in this connection.
The average musician detects shades of tone which do not exist for normal people.
The leaders of large orchestras are able to distinguish the slightest error in note or tone of any one of these instruments being played before them – to pick out the softest note in the flute from the tremendous volume of sound omitted from hundreds of instruments, large and small, is no slight task, yet it is performed daily, many times each day, by the leaders of large orchestras, as any musician will inform you.
The first thing important to me about the sense of hearing which I want to discuss is music. Music has a powerful effect on our moods and the words that we hear from music can affect our belief systems.
When we hear music with beautiful melodies, positive and loving words we think more positive and loving words. Whatever you hear affects the voice within yourself, it affects your way of thinking about others as well as yourself.
A couple of years ago I had a friend who started to listen to heavy metal music, he was excited about this new album he bought and asked me to listen to it with him. Of course I would say yes because he is my friend, the moment he inserted the cd into the cd player and the music started to play I had such a big fright I almost ran far, far away. This particular band sang about negative, death and devilish things and I felt like I was being yelled at by demonic entities.
Of course knowing that everybody has freedom of choice I could only tell my friend that it was not my preferred type of music.
After about two weeks this friend of mine started to look strange to me, he looked pale and angry all the time, his temper was short, he was irritable, insecure and it looked like he had hate stuck inside of him.
I was getting a little worried about my friend so I approached him and asked him if he was ill, his response was “no” and so I asked him what he has been doing lately. He replied by saying that he was just doing the same things as always, working, listening to music and normal things.
A while after that his girlfriend approached me and told me that she was worried about him because all he was doing was to listen to his scary music and that his behavior started to become extremely dark, she asked me to talk some sense into him so I tried, eventually he cut the cd into pieces and within a week he was lively, happy and normal again.
Another example is when I went into a music store and I bought the golden collection of the famous artist Nat King Cole. I can tell you that my behavior was not normal at all but not in a bad way. I walked on the beach every day singing aloud with Mr Cole about love. The way Nat King Cole sings and describes love is absolutely breath-taking and it makes you fall in love with everything and everyone you see, I could look at a flower and fall hopelessly in love with it, I could walk on the beach, looking at the sunset feeling so in love as if I was in love with someone but I was not, I simply fell in love with life.
The sense of hearing also has a strong effect on our sexual performance. When you play soft, sensual but deep and powerful music, it will have an impact on your sensual loving and romantic passionate emotions and feelings. Our hearing senses also has an effect on our rhythm so when you feel like making love, choose the music that satisfies you with the slow, sensual and deep rhythmic melodies of love.
Of course whatever mood you’re in and want an evening of fun passion with your partner, play Latin music with some drums in it, who knows you might end up doing a hula dance on your partner’s lap that will amuse your partner greatly.
Everybody has different tastes and different responses to music, so pay attention how certain types of music makes you feel and apply them in your playlist when they make you feel good, positive and satisfied.
Our hearing sense also helps us with higher education. When we choose to study a new language or to study music, our hearing senses are of great benefit.
When I just arrived in Milan, I could not understand a word of Italian, all I could say was Buongiorno and Ciao which means good morning and hello.
While I was spending time in my little restaurant heaven on earth in Center Milan, the Italian owners and staff members inspired me to learn Italian, It was not exactly easy but the more I heard as well as pronounced the words, the faster I could remember, learn and speak it. By hearing words repetitively make the words stick into your nervous system and stored.
The type of language and vocabulary we surround ourselves with has also a great impact on our own language and vocabulary. When somebody says something around you repetitively you start to use it too without choosing to.
People who talk foul language, about negative things, about things that is depressing, will eventually make you think negative, use foul language and become depressive.
Choose to surround yourself with people who speaks words of wisdom, positive things, inspiring things, funny things, beautiful things and you will stay positive, happy, healthy, well informed as well as educated in all ways always.
Like I said previously by the sense of vision, choose to hear only the good and positive, by doing this you will stay or form yourself to be more positive and happy too.
The sense and perception of taste
The sense of taste manifests by means of certain nerves terminating in tiny cells of the tongue known as “taste buds”. The latter are stimulated chemically by objects brought in contact with them, the impulse being conveyed to the nerves and by them then transmitted to the brain. The sense of taste is classified into five classes that are sweet, sour, bitter, salty and hot.
The perception of taste may be highly developed and trained by practice and use. Pointing to epicures, that is able to distinguish many points of difference and distinction between food and drink, which are imperceptible to the ordinary individual. Many people employed in different trades have their taste-perception highly developed, and their profession depends on such proficiency, for example tea – and wine tasters.
In the case of taste-perception, however, the smell perception is usually also involved, as it is very difficult to rely on the taste-perception alone, if the sense of smell be shut off. For the two classes of sense impressions are very closely related to each other.
Like all the other senses, your sense of taste has a powerful affect on your mood as well and mostly provides you with feelings of joy, peacefulness and satisfaction. The sense of taste not only has an effect on your mood but also has a physical reaction on your mind.
What are the first things you think about when wanting to invite a guest to your home? You think about pleasing your guest with excellent food as well as beverage because our taste buds make us happy and when our guests taste buds are happy and satisfied we are happy and satisfied.
Everybody has their own preferred tastes and will either reject or welcome certain types of tastes into our mouths.
Have you ever paid close attention to your reaction and the textures as well as delicate tastes when you consume a certain type of food and drink?
All one needs to know is to simply pay attention to our sense of taste.
I went to a Brazilian restaurant a while back where some friends and I came to an arrangement to drink some cocktails.
There was a particular cocktail that caught my attention; it was called a chilli chocolate martini. When the waiter brought me the cocktail my sense of vision was firstly aroused because it looked unbelievably interesting. There were little red chillies drifting around in the martini glass. After myself and my friends made a toast, I took a sip and it felt as if my brain had a joyful stimulation just because of the taste. The first taste was sweet and it tasted like chocolate, following that taste was the liquor added and then a small but not too powerful sweet chilly burn that exploded in my mouth and enveloped my tasted buds. The different tastes simply from one sip struck me in awe. It was absolutely amazing.
While I was in Italy I tasted plenty of different types of pasta’s as well as cheese. What amazed me was that every type of pasta had its own unique texture and taste; it was different and absolutely satisfying.
The different types of cheese had their own unique powerful smells as well as tastes too. Some cheese could be eaten as a first course plate and some cheese with a much more powerful taste were used in dishes.
I can remember that one of the types of cheese I fell in love with was Robiola.
I had it the first time in Ronchi78 after trying to study the Italian menu they had which I could not understand at all.
I simply closed my eyes and allowed my finger to choose the dish I will be eating.
When the Robiola arrived it was a simple piece of Robiola cheese decorated with Mango on the top that was carved into a rose. The first taste of this cheese sent waves of pleasure into my whole body and mind. The texture was soft and cool; the taste was similar between a cream cheese and a cheesecake. The taste was not too bitter, nor too sweet or sour, it was absolutely perfect. I went back daily to have my Robiola. Every time I took a bite my whole body filled with complete peacefulness and satisfaction. It was absolutely delicious.
Not only does our sense of taste make us what we consume and taste happy, but also the producers of theses amazing cuisines. There is nothing more satisfying for a chef, cook, grandmother, mother or whoever it may be making and preparing food or food products, to see how much joy and satisfaction their food makes the consumer. When somebody compliments your dish, food product, wine or whatever the case may be, you are filled with satisfaction, accomplishment and joy.
I myself absolutely enjoy seeing people happy and satisfied, wining and dining guests of mine in elegance and style is something I absolutely adore to do. Not only do I spoil my guests with the sense of visual elegance, beauty as well as satisfaction, I prepare 4 coarse dishes for them to eat, smile, laugh, relax, have fun and thereafter the greatest satisfaction for me is seeing my friends and guests, pleased that fills my heart with joy when they complement me on the dishes and my hard work for them to be physically fully satisfied and happy.
I personally believe that the quickest way to a person’s heart is spoiling them with tastes that make them peaceful and satisfied.
As I have already stated in chapter one that nutrition is important, for our bodies and for our minds but now you also know that nutrition is also important for our moods as well as the moods of others. We all have to eat, we all have to consume beverages, so why not prepare something interesting and new to keep you healthy and absolutely happy as well as satisfied.
The sense and perception of touch or Feeling
The sense of touch or feeling is regarded as the elementary sense, the one sense from which the others have evolved, and of which they are, in a way an evolution.
The sense of touch operates by means of certain nerves which have their endings in the outer covering or skin of the body and also in the internal organism of the body.
The nerves report to the brain their contact with outside objects as well as certain changes of state or condition in the body itself.
By means of this sense we are able to become aware of the size, form, shape, and delight of material objects also of their degree of hardness, roughness, elasticity and temperature.
By means of this sense we also become aware of changes of state or condition in our bodies such as thirst, hunger, sexual-feelings and other internal sensations.
The mechanism by the sense of touch or feeling is composed in many different and varied classes of nerve channels. This sense is a composite sense manifesting diverse activities, principal among which are those of pressure, temperature, muscular resistance, pain and contact.
The diversity of activity in this sense can be considered to be a lesion which may cut off the possibility of feeling pain in a given part of the body which may leave it still susceptible to sensations of heat and cold, or the sensations of touch may be present where the sensation of pain cannot be aroused.
From this we see that nerve impulses, giving rise to sensations of touch, pain, temperature, of that muscular sense, must pass upwards to the sensorium by different paths, one of which may be cut off while the others remain.
It is very well known that many people have developed the sense of touch to a remarkable degree.
This is a remarkable sense as it is proven with blind people.
People who handle certain types of merchandise are able to recognize five points of difference in their wares, simply by touch-perception. Wool sorters, and graders of different kinds of material, have this form of perception highly developed. There are a few occupations that do not furnish instances of people becoming experts in distinguishing the quality of goods simply by the “feel”. Some of these men are paid very high salaries by reason of this faculty.
The sense of touch is extremely powerful for your mind and body. Think about the first time you touched your partner’s hand, the rush of excitement and electricity that shot in an instant throughout your body. You felt an attraction and you felt possibly in love with the feeling.
Paying attention to the way things, people and nature feels are extremely eye opening. Have you ever paid attention and truly felt the sand on the beach massaging your feet as you walked? Have you ever touched a tree trunk to experience the rough texture on your hands? Have you ever slept naked underneath silk bedding only to wake up feeling happy and like you are the most gorgeous person on the planet, comfortable and joyous within your own skin?
All of these feelings have an ability to provide us with gratitude, joy, peacefulness, tranquility, appreciation then of course passion.
Not only does the sense of touch add beautiful moods and emotions to your life but it also adds incredible love into your life. Think back and imagine the first time you held your baby in your arms, touching, holding and embracing the little body you have created. An unbelievable feeling of overwhelming love filled your heart and you most probably burst out in emotion crying.
The fact that you can feel your loved one lying next to you, softly touching their skin, feeling the texture of their skin and body that fills you with great love and extreme passion. The sense of feeling is absolutely beautiful. This sense sends great waves of love and appreciation into one’s soul, this sense is priceless.
The sense of just feeling is also important. The fact that we can feel how our bodies work through stimulation inwards and outwards is important and something to be grateful for. People who are paralyzed can only dream to be able to feel again, to be able to feel when they are touched and to touch and feel blood flowing inwards through their veins.
Our bodies feel everything it comes into contact with. Imagine how your mood turns when somebody is softly stoking your skin with the tip of their fingers. Your skin feels a tingling delicate sensation that alters your mood to be calm and peaceful. Our bodies do not only feel contact but temperatures too. You know that when it gets unbelievably warm outside that you feel irritable and tired and try to find ways to feel a better temperature on your skin for instance swimming. When the temperature is cold outside you feel like lying in your bed all day under a warm blanket with hot cocoa to feel a more preferred heat. Think how unbelievably pure and refreshed you feel after cleansing your body from a hard day’s work. Laying in the bath with bubbles noticing how the bubbles bursts against your skin and disappearing, the mood that you fall into is relaxing and soul soothing. You feel happy, refreshed and satisfied.
The sense of touch is a very important sense that I believe must be cherished and be very grateful for. Appreciate all your senses because it brings so much joy and love into your life if you choose to pay attention and notice it. Love yourself and love your senses.
The sense and perception of Smell
The sense of smell manifests by means of delicate nerves that terminate in the mucus membrane of the nostrils. The latter, registering contact with particles of material objects entering the nostrils, registering differences in the chemical composition of particles and then the messages of the nerve-ends are being transmitted to the brain.
The particles of the smelled object must have actually entered the nostrils and have come in contact with these nerve ends in order to have been sensed.
We smell a rose because the particles of its substance are carried into our nostrils.
In the same way, the perception of smell may also be highly developed and trained by constant and continued practice. For example professional perfumers who are able distinguish between the most delicate shades of odor.
Blind people also has the form of perception highly developed and in many cases are able to distinguish between the odor of gloves and other articles of apparel, belonging to different people.
Each and every person has his or her distinctive personal odor or scent, and that can be detected and identified by the smell-perception of any person having normal organs of smell, providing sufficient practice and training may be given to the task.
Our sense of smell is a very strong sense that stimulates our other senses as well. The sense of smell with vision, the sense of smell with taste, the sense of smell with touch and feeling, all of these combine together to have an effect on your mood and emotions.
The sense of smell also activates memories for instance when you smell a certain perfume of a previous lover or a friend, you immediately think about them. The smell of a favorite dish that your mother had prepared for you when you were younger immediately activates all memories of your mother and her cooking with all the beautiful memories combined leaving you with a feeling of longing and gratefulness.
The sense of smell has the ability to attract us to certain places that makes us peaceful and calm. I can remember the first time I entered Ronchi78 in Milan, it had the smell of unbelievably good food, combined with the sense of vision where the inside of Ronchi has a beautiful, calming, comforting and home feeling to it. Ronchi felt like a home filled with wonderful happy people with the beautiful smells of excellent cuisine drifting from the kitchen.
Whenever I love a certain type of smell I want to be surrounded with it all the time. 
The sense of smell combined with feeling is overwhelming. When you are close to your partner and your partner is wearing a perfume or product as if scented by heaven you cannot help but to be close to them, smell the way that they smell and touch them. The amazing smell of your partner’s skin and the touch when being passionately intimate with your partner only arouses you more; it makes you feel unbelievable yearning and passion for the person simply because you are paying attention to your senses involved.
Nobody prefers terrible odors over good ones. When we smell feces or any horrible smell we have a great need for getting away from those scents. Scents like those not only disgust us but also has the ability to make us extremely ill. The end result could be coughing, annoyance or vomiting.
Our senses of smell in our homes are also mood lifters. When we walk into our homes and it smells fresh and clean we feel satisfied, happy and content, knowing that we can relax in peacefulness after a hard day’s work. We smell smells all day long whether paying attention to them or not. Some smells are toxic and bad for our lungs and must stay clear of. The smells we inhale thus have a powerful effect on what our moods are as well as our health. Pay attention to the scents and smells you inhale and always choose the good, clean as well as calming scents to surround your body, spirit and mind with for complete satisfaction and happiness.
In all of these cases of highly developed senses and perception, however, is the mental faculty which has become efficient – not simply because of the sense organs.
The training of senses that will produce similar results is that of the mind alone.
When the sense organs are normal, the power of perception relating to that particular sense may be cultivated, trained and developed to an almost incredible degree.
It is a fact that any attention directed to any part of the body tends to develop sensitiveness at that point as well as in the case of sense organs, which are thus able to increase the efficiency thereof.
Moreover by use and active employment, any physical organ tends to increase in efficiency at least within certain limits. It must be remembered that cultivation, development, training and improvement of the perceptive faculties must be accomplished by mental culture and training, there is no other way. Such culture and training is possible only through the use and employment of the power of attention.
All that is needed to appreciate yourself, others and your surroundings more that will enlighten your spirit and keep you feeling happy, is by paying attention to your senses and how all personal as well as external perceptions in our surroundings alters our moods and emotions.
Be grateful, pay attention and use all of your senses to your best potential. Look after and love your senses because there are many people who simply wish to have one or more of their senses back. As you start to pay attention to your health, your oxygen intake, your exercise routine, your important sleeping patterns, you will become more aware of the incredible beauty, smells, melodies and feelings your loved ones, your surroundings and the world has to offer you, and all these things are absolutely priceless, fulfilling and blesses you with an abundance of happiness and joy.

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