Ronchi78 When you wish upon a star

Thank you note
I want to once again say thank you to GOD, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, all of the Archangels, Saints and Heaven for all of Your help, compassion, unconditional love, guidance and support. “Heaven, without you I am but an animal surviving and existing in this world but with You I am everything!!!! I love You very much and Thank You.”

Secondly I want to thank Mirko Paletti, Giacomo Bertacchi, the Paletti family, Ronchi78 and Milan Italy for being the inspiration for the Ronchi78 books. You are all Heavenly sent and I love you all unconditionally without a doubt. Thank you for everything.

I also want to thank my mother for being the perfect mother for me in her own way. You as a mother have always been like a butterfly, care free, accepting, understanding and gave me the freedom to choose whatever I wanted to believe, dream and be in this world. Your trust and faith in me to do the right thing and to follow my heart was unconditional and if it was not for this I would have not had the courage to follow my heart and pursue my dreams. Thank you mother for everything. I love you very much.

Lastly I want to thank the Country I was born and raised in, South Africa. South Africa as a third world country you can truly form a character to be deep. As a country you tolerate lost souls, create destructive souls or form angels. Thank you for forming me is such a way which gave me wings to be able to soar to greater and newer Horizons. Thank you for being my country for the first quarter of my life. I will always be grateful.

So, let us continue with this magical story, shall we?

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