Peace within the eye of the storm….

Peace within the eye of the storm….

My heart yearned to write about the understanding of peace and serenity when this morning after I cleared my mind of all clutter with the intention to listen to the beautiful and powerful wisdom of Heaven, an answer was brought about. 
Man chase so many materialistic things, do so many things to please those who does not have the ability to provide the peace and serenity that man so desperately seek. 
The answer is quite simple : There is no peace and serenity in any man-made creation because serenity and peace can only be found within the heart of man, the daily actions of man, the feelings and emotions of man. 
Allow me to explain:
To find peace and serenity in this world and to be able to stand within the eye of a storm as well as complete chaos, one can only be at peace and serene when one is truthful to ones heart and then to find the courage to take action to manifest this truth.
The truth is all the actions of the light of Heaven and unconditional love itself. When our actions are good, we feel all the good feelings and emotions because of these actions and this then help us to grow into the state of complete peace and serenity. These good actions provide us with the most beautiful feelings and emotions of courage, appreciation, gratitude, kindness, compassion, empathy, self respect, respect, joy, happiness, success, triumph, forgiveness and acceptance which then blesses us with the complete feelings of peace and serenity…… A clear conscience. If one does not possess a clear conscience at this vital moment, I suggest that you as reader retreat, find a quiet place within your home and forgive yourself for your past, forgive all that have hurt or harmed you in your past and then make a conscience decision and choose to live from this moment onwards only the actions of the light, the intuition, wisdom and truth within your heart and then prosper into complete peace and serenity within your own life.
When our actions are egotistic, when intention is negative, when we use and abuse or hurt others for self-gain, selfishness, greed and power, we know within our hearts that we are doing wrong and much harm which will then only curse us with feelings of shame, blame, self-doubt, regret, sadness, pain, anger and destruction to such an extent that we cannot stand the company of ourselves anymore, we then try and seek joy and peace within materialistic possessions, lustful actions, temporary man-made high’s to help us deal with our actions and feelings of darkness but only to gain more negative feelings and emotions. An accumulation of all these growing negative feelings and emotions thus destruct man himself and the world around him. 
I will now conclude:
To find peace and serenity within this life, quiet your mind dear one, remove all the clutter from your mind and listen to the beautiful wisdom of Heaven that speaks so clearly and truthfully through your heart. Make a clear decision that your actions will only bless you with the feelings and emotions that will make you feel proud of yourself and love yourself more, feelings of goodness that will also inspire others and construct as well as heal your surroundings and your world. Then find the courage and motivation within yourself to manifest these beautiful actions into your daily life to grow into complete peace and serenity. 
Always remember that you have within this beautiful life, freedom of choice, so my dear reader, please choose wisely. 
I wish for you all a magical weekend.
My kindest regards
Marilette Barbara van Heerden

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