The positive and negative of fantasy….

As most of you know, I have written in my first published book called Running with angels about many different topics, such as Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, also about the law of attraction and how all of these flow beautifully into one another for each individual to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Recently I have helped and payed close attention to the different worlds as well as observations that people see, believe, think and live within in their own minds. I must admit, I was highly amused. It is a fact that we as individuals dream, think, visualize and fantasize constantly during the day, especially when we say the words “What if” and “imagine”.

Allow me to describe to you the different fantasy worlds people find themselves to live in….
I daydream many many times a day. Positive fantasy is a very powerful way to keep ones thoughts positive and ones heart fluttering with joy on a daily basis. Positive fantasy and imagination can be used in any circumstance, good or bad to make us happy, keep us positive and vibrant no matter what situation, heartache, learning experience and circumstance we may find ourselves in within our realities.

To be completely honest, I am in fact a very realistic person. I have accepted the truth within myself and others and all around me, there is no mask that I hide behind, no pretense, no negative thoughts or plans of negative actions or destruction. I am very open and honest about who I am, my past experiences and my dreams. Acceptance begins within the self. Truth begins within the self and a clear conscience always have more time to dream about all the beauty and peace that can still be, thus whenever I find myself within a difficult situation or any time what so ever I daydream. My thoughts travel me to beauty, peace, serenity, love, health, kindness and joy and whenever this happens only positive solutions appear within my present reality, more joy and laughter is automatically attracted into my life and because of this, I always stay joyful, positive and hopeful. Using positive fantasy to escape reality, only to manifest more beauty, prosperity in my waking realistic life is how I use the law of attraction and also many others.
Many successful people use this form of fantasy and thought process. It is a way of knowing who you are, accepting who you are, living within the truth of the present and then dreaming a more beautiful future and then of coarse with all of these visions and fantasies, to have the burning positive desire, the ambition as well as the courage to manifest ones dreams and fantasies into true form.

I would like to discuss with you all my observations that I have witnessed these past 6 months while I helped and assisted people.
Over the past 6 moths I have witnessed the destruction that people cause within their own lives and others lives  with one simple yet complex organ, and it is their own minds.We have all experienced difficulties and traumatic experiences but how far have you allowed these obstacles and learning experiences to rob you of your natural, innocent and beautiful thoughts?Over the past 6 months I physically witnessed how the negative affects of peoples pasts, their own negative actions to others and the negative actions of others to them have stolen the innocence of their thoughts to such a destructive extent that there is no more positive vision, dreams or thoughts present within their minds. I was quite shocked because the only words spoken from minds such as these are words of anger, destruction and a world of assumption.  The fantasy world of assumption where the only visions, fantasy and dreams are those of the past and then the present assumption that these actions and situations will be repeated. There is no room for beautiful thoughts and positive visualization in this fantasy world of assumption, thus whatever you assume will come about and manifest of coarse.  I desire for you to sit where you are right now and I want you to look within yourself. If you are feeling negative right now, if you think that life is bad, that people only hurt you because it always happen and that all people are negative, untrustworthy and the same then my darling reader you are currently living in your own destructive fantasy world, made up out of assumption of your own past mistakes and hurts that you are not willing to forgive. Now if you are wondering how you can change such a mind set, I will tell you briefly do not be sad or worried at all.

The first step is to forgive yourself for all the hurt and pain you have caused yourself and others and also all of the hurt and heartache that others have caused you and let it go. The second step is to accept that this world will test you, accept that within your lifetime good and bad experiences will cross your path and then the third step is to pause for a moment, to sit and write down what you want in this life, who you are and what you want for your future. Affirm the positive, think the positive and begin to live a life of beauty, love and laughter.

The last fantasy world I would love to address is the fantasy world of pretense that I have noticed that people live in within their own minds.We are all born into different cultures, we are all born into a world and into systems that place many demands onto us. This system of the world teaches us to be physically perfect, successful and wealthy to be seen as someone of value. People idolize super stars and want so badly to be like others and so completely forgetting who they are, fighting and working themselves into exhaustion trying to be like another and not accepting that unfortunately no matter how hard they try, they will never be another person because we are and will always will be our own unique selves.

This fantasy world of pretense is very destructive not just for you but also to all the people surrounding you and this crazy pretentious world you are trying to live in. It is not the truth because you are not honest with yourself, you refuse to accept yourself and you will have to work very hard to gain the approval of this world, you will work very hard to lie, to sabotage, to plan and you will destruct all the people who threaten your pretentious fantasy world. This pretentious mask will eventually fall off and it will hurt you as individual greatly.
How would one change such a pretentious fantasy life into a honest, positive and happy life? The first step to take here is self acceptance and to learn all of your own and unique strengths as well as your own beautiful abilities. You were born beautiful and unique, why would you want to be a copy of someone else? Be honest with yourself, know yourself, accept yourself and love yourself.

It was fairly important for me to write this post. I ask of you kindly to sit in a quiet place within your home at this moment and to ask yourself in what fantasy word you live in. Admit the truth to yourself and once you have done this take the basic and healthy steps to use your mind and all of your unique gifts and abilities to live the beautiful, open, unique and honest individual that you are and was born to be. Live the laughter, joy and prosperity in life that you truly want. 

Remember that change begin within each and every individual and it begins within the self.

Have a beautiful week everyone. Be honest, be joyful, be positive and kind. Smile with joy and begin to LIVE because you have choice and you are alive.

Tanti Baci e Amore Sempre

Marilette Barbara van Heerden

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