Letter from Maria to Marko

Letter from Maria to Marko

I am writing this letter to you while sitting next to the most peaceful river, the Keurboom’s river in the Western Cape of South Africa. The water flowing by with the petite waterfall brings serenity to my soul. In what a peace I am. 

Last night, a little bird told me many things which made me feel heartbroken. 

May I take a moment to clarify some things to you so that you can clearly understand my thoughts, my heart and my intentions. 

The moment that I saw you, my heart leaped with joy mixed with awe and shock because I  knew from the moment that I saw you that I loved you, no, I did not know your name, I did not know who you where or what you own, I fell in love with you, it is simple. 

When I love, I wish to nourish and give. When I discovered some truths, I knew that simply being close, lending you a helping hand wherever I can would bring you joy. I loved to nourish the football team with biscotti and chocolates once a week and bring to you true laughter because to see you happy brought to me joy. I helped your sons because of you, I have seen what terrible heartache the death of a child does to a parent therefore, I did my best to help your children because I would not have been able to see you heartbroken and crushed, not once. I helped your businesses to grow because I knew that with the growth of the businesses, your friends, family and employees will be happier, more prosperous and that that too will bring to you greater joy. 

I have never asked you for anything because materialistic things has no meaning to me. 

The happy memories are far more precious to me than any possession or amount of wealth you can ever own or possess. 

Can you remember when we decorated @78? I stood by my Christmas tree with the 3 Christmas balls in my hands and you stood smiling in amusement and said: “Marilette, you are fortunate because you have 3 balls, we all only have 2.” I smiled and answered, “Si, io sono molto fortunata.” Ehehehehe you roared with laughter and you were so happy. 

Remember when the boys played in the leaves in the park and I sent to you the photos? Remember when Edo dressed me up as a wizard with a cape during the carnival and he laughed from the little pit of his stomach? Do you remember when Ludo and I raced around in the lounge and dining room with his little block car box? 

These memories are so true, so filled with happiness and true joy, it is priceless and more valuable than anything. If you ever felt that I loved you for your name or your wealth, you are mistaken because where I come from, your name is not known, people do not know what Duomo di Milano is and I still have no idea what you own nor is it important to me. What you have, you have worked for and I am and will always be proud of you. 

I love you, I miss you, I miss @78, I miss the boys and worry and pray for them every single night, I miss your parents and everyone. I just love you, just the way you are, with no labels or restrictions or conditions. 

Did you know that you have the broadest smile and the most excited glimmer in your eyes when you do things that you think will impress me or win my heart? It is the most adorable sight that I have ever seen and also the diamond glitter in your eyes when you are humble and grateful, the most beautiful sight in the universe. 

You know my morals and my values so well. I have made my heart clear from the beginning and I have only always been truthful to you. 

My love, my archangel, if my words and proven actions have no meaning to you then what else must I do than to announce my indefinite retreat where I then vow to help children for the rest of my life and sacrifice my heart, my love for Milan and you. It is noble yes, it is a sacrifice and it is difficult but you have the truth set out in front of you and more I cannot do. Helping children, the lest fortunate and the homeless will always be part of who I am. 

I wish only truth, love, joy, health, success and true love for you, for the boys for your family and friends and it had already been written in the stars that I truly love you and will love you forever. 

Baci e Amore Sempre 

Angelo dell’Amore 

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