……… the next couple of days,

The next morning I awoke with a smile and I felt very optimistic about the day, It was a Teusday knowing that, that evening would be Karaoke at Ronchi78 hahahaha, I am hopeless I know, Mamma mia!!!! I got dressed and headed out first to the Duomo and then to try find a school to learn to […]

so what happened next…..

……after the 21st I was absolutely bedazzled, San Carlo told me to travel so I did, I went to Rome to visit a very dear friend. While in Rome I had a very good travel, I met sweet people Antionella and her girlfriend as well as cooked Carne a Pizza, slept like a princess every […]

New Beginnings……….

The next morning after my birthday….. I woke up optomistic about the day knowing at that time how to properly travel fom my hotel to the Metro, from the Metro to the Duomo and from the Duomo to Ronchi78 and then in reverse, I also knew Via Torino street but I had a problem, my laptop […]

Fell from the sky and my birthday…..

I desired to start this blog for one simple reason, that is unconditional love. About one month ago I could not have dreamed about anything that has been happening in my life, to happen, not for one moment. I am currently in Milano Italia, I have recently decided to reside here forever and a day […]

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