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These are the building blocks of a good book: grammar, spelling, punctuation,
capitalization, and sentence structure. It is absolutely necessary for authors to run a
comprehensive edit on their manuscript before publishing a book. MB Publishers
offer in depth Editorial services which includes…

• It involves reading a “proof”, a typeset version of the final copy of a text: the edited
• The task focuses on surface errors, spelling mistakes or typos that appeared during
the layout process, like word breaks, page breaks and incorrect page numbers. We
also check whether the layout design is aesthetically pleasing, and might suggest that
images, photos or graphics be added or moved, among other recommendations.
• Sometimes, proofreading takes on the character of light copy-editing, such as when a
text isn’t intended to be printed or laid out but will be circulated in text format.
Proofreading includes checking for misspelled words, incorrect punctuation or
capitalization, and inconsistencies in terminology, numbering or the format of titles,
among other relatively superficial tasks.
Content Editing / Copy Editing
This service is ideal for manuscripts that need more work on sentence structure,
grammar structure and story development than basic Content Editing will give.
Content Editing Plus is also ideal for self published authors whose first language is
not English. While proofreading is mostly a quantitative skill, copy-editing is
qualitative. Basic copy-editing entails reviewing and correcting the text on a deeper
level, according to the author’s or client’s needs.
• Our editor will check grammar, looking for subject-verb agreement, dangling
participles, incorrect or unclear use of pronouns, etc. The spelling of names should
also be verified to ensure it conforms to the client’s style guide, including official
names of countries and other proper nouns such as cities, international conventions,
conferences or organizations, and named individuals.
• Copy-editing also includes eliminating superfluous words, unnecessary phrases and
abbreviations, while spelling out essential information.
• Another important aspect is to consider how the text is formatted and organized.
Excessive italics, boldface and quotation marks should be minimized or deleted,
maintaining a homogenous form. For instance, titles and subheadings should be
edited, while ensuring the brevity, consistency and parallel construction of chapter
headings, table and figure titles, and bulleted lists.


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