Running With Angels Ebook


A life changing novel that teaches complete health inspired by Louise L. Hay


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Running with angels explains about life, love, Angelic guidance and about taking care of your body – internal as well as external.

Knowledge is power and with the basic secrets as well as understanding of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health together with the laws of energy, there are no more limitations, only a true, blissful, healthy, happy and prosperous full life.

When Marilette was 17, her grandfather passed away from cancer, leaving her with great responsibilities. She graduated High School in the year 2005 at the age of 18 in Pretoria South Africa and continued with her psychological studies through an online university. She studied and travelled to all parts of South Africa, Morocco and Italy while experiencing many different adventures, miracles and learning experiences. Her experiences, mentors and adventures blessed her with wisdom of how to attain a full and happy life.

By Author Marilette Barbara Van Heerden

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Running with angels

Running with angels

Running with angels soft cover

Running with angels soft cover

Running with angels ebook

Running with angels ebook


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